Just so Entertaining was the Entire Fishing Event

Florida Fishing TV Show
Visitors see in the hotel room, as small segments are repeated during the week on Keys TV. go

Hunting for Tasty Marine Life
This is a lot better than a day at the theme parks, this is world-class sport fishing just like Jaws the Movie! go

Fishing Vacations for Value and Fun
You want good weather and bright sunlight for the most vivid overall scene. go

Monroe County Fishermen's Association
Our members have served on lots of important committees and federal advisory boards to make smart choices. go

Florida Keys Mini Lobster Season
We used to just observe everything, but now we want more on our trips. go

Backcountry or Reef or Deep Gulfstream
Do know the one-fish bag limit and most people do not keep any of the fish caught. go

Primetime Place for Florida Keys Fishing
The special techniques used to catch the yummy Yellow Tail Snapper are just a showcase of a top-notch Captain. go

Bottom Reef Fishing is so easy to do
They will help you pick out the most appropriate bait to use for your target species. go


Great Fish Catching Locations

Fashion that is perfect for the Islands
I love shopping in Key West, the competition has stiffed over the years and they have better deals than ever. go

Pad Thai
Pick between a wide ranging mix of seafood delicacies prepared mild to red hot. go

Pick your Hotel Room Style
I took the tour of the property (open 10am to 5pm) and just fell in love. go

Caroline Street Restaurant and Bar
This was our first trip to a Fancy Steak House, and certainly did not expect it to be in the Florida Keys. go

The Zaniest Show of all is Ripley's
We saw the laughter and joy of the children on the tour. go

Marathon Florida Dog Park
Super cool to see and do is the Crane Nature Center. go

Key West Florida Rum Runner Recipe
Here is my shop to stock up on party supplies, tequila, and margarita mix. go


I really like Fishing

Great Fish Catching Locations

I really like fishing in the summertime, because you could jump in the water and cool off whenever you feel like it. Swimming season to me is fishing season since they go hand in hand. Even when we come back and the boat is docked up and the day is over, we are in the hotel swimming pool. Do not let people tell you that fishing in the Florida Keys is not that good in the summer. Bottom fishing always works especially if you take the time to find a good spot. One method to get into the game a little bit is to go out on the Miss Islamorada or the Key West Party Fishing boat and learn from the professionals, at a good price. When you go out on a big boat with professionals, they have everything for you plus they even carry medical equipment and the communication stuff to get help in an emergency. I think the hardest part for a lot of people is when you get the fish on board trying to remove the hooks from the different types of species that you will catch down here. Sometimes the fish will come up a little bloody, and the ladies and some guys really are have a tough time with it. Having some gloves, the thick kind, will give a person a lot more confidence when holding fish. The professionals would say you not to do that, and to limit the amount of time you're actually touching the fish at all, to a bare minimum. There's lots to learn as lot of fun doing it!

Toney E.