Kayak rentals are the cheapest way to play on the water and it is way cool fun

Florida Boating Vacation Hotel
The boat ramp is free to use if you are a guest staying at the resort. go

You want 4-pole boat tie-up
We looked at lots of the hotels in Key Largo and settled here because of the onsite boat ramp. go

Dump in at Holiday Isle
You will love the area, and you launch next to the channel bridge to the backcountry. go

Boating from Founders Park Marina
Besides the fee, everything else is fantastic. go

Secret Boating Locations
From the ramp entrance you navigate slowly down the canal system to the main waterway. go

Highly rated boater hotels in Islamorada
The water was just so breathtaking, we took so many photos during the day and each evening around the island. go

Doing it right is Boater Friendly Islamorada
Reef trips only take about fifteen minutes at a controlled cruising speed. go

Happy Times on a Boating Day
You pay the attendant the fee and off you go to Ocean Deep or the Scenic Backcountry. go


Local Boater Spots

Boater Friendly Key West
Extra nice is this scenic park just a few hundred yards down from famous Mallory Square. go

Key Largo Restaurants on the Water
There's a kayak launching area that has rentals right next door to the restaurant, where you can rent by the hour or all day. go

Free Drinks on the Sunset Cruise Boats
After three years living down here and taking my visiting friends to everything, we vote for the winner. go

Recommended Trips to the Reefs
It is so beautiful to see habitats and underwater wildlife in the area. go

Best Fishing Boat in the Florida Keys
Go to the docks the day before and see what is being caught, then pick the perfect weather day. go

End to End Boat Pleasures
Use the map as there is plenty to see on the water. go

Reef Snorkel Boat
The park is outstanding, so if it is too rough for the reefs, get wet at Calusa Beach. go


It is a Perfect Location

Local Boater Spots

It is a perfect location, however the sand build up keeps it so bad you cannot even pull up a waverunner without the wheels spinning. Forget about this ramp except for Sunset Viewing. Small boats and waverunners only here and forget about the weak parking situation. Nothing beats a day sightseeing around iconic mile marker zero. Please keep this spot a secret, we do not want to let the word get out. A lot of people have problems with this ramp. I have found that renting a boat is much easier in Key West, as there are much fewer boater friendly hotels. We use the City Marina Ramp, with fuel, food, and fishing bait.

Royal U.