Keeping up with the community news is fun to do

Saltwater Experience TV Show
You can learn so much about sport fishing. go

Vote for Bar of the Month
We all love the Hogs Breath, they win plenty of awards, not so good in the beer drinking wars! go

Upper Florida Keys Reef Systems
What a place to learn everything you need to know about scuba diving. go

Magic of Florida Keys Sunsets
Wow, do we love the experience of seeing this kind of thing every night. go

Islamorada makes vacation planning easy as ABC
Thanks so much to the mighty folks that were there to help our way to a better Florida Keys Vacation Experience. go

Oceanside Bar
Enjoy the special New Year's Eve Menu or go for the Four Course Deluxe Dinner. go

Getting to know all the Fun Things to Do
We will help you better explore and discover the best places to see and stay on the island. go

Watch the Movie Hits here
The vibe is super. go


Popular with Locals

Hotels by the beaches of Key West
Vacations when the water is nice means lots of time splashing! go

Best of the Island Sweet Shops
Winner of the best cookies in Key West contest. go

Special Spots for Dinner Time
Dining here in the Florida Keys is fantastic. go

Cafe con Leche Cuban Coffee Cafe
We burn so many calories staying busy on the water all day, your appetite will find a winning smile here at Habanos. go

Just cannot beat this Location
Discover this relaxing Florida Keys historic oasis, located in the heart of Key West's famed Old Town Entertainment District. go

Really Exceptional Things to Do
I love this part of the island. go

Getting boat emergency help on the Water
Way back when (1824) the first permanent station in Key West was formed. go

More Employment News for Locals

Your Florida Keys resume was obtained from job board and we believe that your qualifications and abilities would perfectly fit for the part-time position of quality control manager that is currently open and is currently available in the lower keys. Description of the position: quality control manager for travel news and information all out the islands. Type of employment: full time and ready to show off the fun things to do and see. The following is required: previous experience with adobe acrobat reader and microsoft office. Super ability to have fun and do the basic computer skills to input the story and blog with readers. The job is about quality control of video and photography assets, and writing reports for new places to go. If you feel you meet the requirements above and would like to take this job opportunity, contact us by the keynoter newspaper ad, email, or just give us a call.

Franklyn R.

Lovely Outside Paver Project

Hello there kitty-mom-juniors! Do you have the email about the paver fix for the best ever Florida Keys backyard paver job? I sent that youtube video back about a month. If you have it, lets start watching and we can work on the patio soon. Disregard, as I just found the videoid 14ce0wzqzoo for youtube and click skip the ad in five seconds. We can make it pretty, if we plan it. I can make it flat and install the pavers nicely. The key is the design, so focus on the design. The design is likely to include the Mexican style rocks as we talked earlier. Lets share design ideas when I get there to do the job. The first day we can layout the design, then start the project the next day. Let's get it done fix it and the sink at my property!

Judy H.

Deals are Fun

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Wyatt R.