Big list of all the Key Largo Restaurants and Bars

Ultimate Upper Keys Sub Shop
It is in with the Tradewinds strip mall shops. go

Homemade Coleslaw
I have to mention the really good lobster reuben! go

Cuban Food
The most popular menu item is the puerco asado or shredded roast pork. go

Start with the Baked Stuffed Jalapenos
Music, wings, grilled fish, etc. go

Fresh Lobster in the Restaurants
Good views from the second floor where the scuba boats start the voyage. go

Big Fan of the Pizza Cafe
Wow, the pizza is piled on really high. go

Pick List of Key Largo Restaurants
Docs Diner is our breakfast spot and we go at least twice during the week. go

Sit waterfront and savor the Conch Chowder
My top choice is the combo platter with Coconut Shrimp, Conch Fritters, and Dolphin Fingers. go


Extraordinary Foods

Order at the Window
Get every kind of specialty coffee drink possible, hot or iced. go

Family Style Dining in Key Largo
Nothing is wrong with the old cafe down the street, but this is way better in the comfort setting. go

Key Largo Hotel Recommendation List
It was our first trip to stay in the Upper Florida Keys and we had a fine time at Rock Reef. go

Gift Store at Mile Marker 102
I like to get a bunch of small items for my friends back in North Florida. go

Event Day Shines for Chef Prepared Food
In the Florida Keys, just about every event is a little bit better than back home. go

Taking a Key Largo Reef Voyage Trip
It was really neat to have champagne on our boating extravaganza. go

Mile Marker 100 Boat Ramp
In the middle of the Key Largo Marina is a sweet boat ramp and dockage area. go

Tasty Recipes at the Restaurant

Dear Blues Man in the Florida Keys. Please do not start cooking the turkey before I get there. I have the fancy digital thermometer we can use, plus, I would like to add some nice spices to the chicken broth you are going to use on the turkey, to give the turkey a little pizzazz. Yeah to the Turkey-help cooking Sue. I want to make it just like the recipe at the restaurant.

Tristan R.

Local Fish Buying Retail

Stores will have all the sizes and keep the shopping cart updated to fresh stock daily. The season is fast approaching, so please place your seafood orders early as the stone crab season has seen a decline in supply this year. The ocean has brought all a good supply of Key West Pink Shrimp as well as the delicious Royal Red Deepwater Shrimp. Don't forget about delicious Florida Lobster tail fresh on your grill for the holiday season. If you are visiting soon, please stop in for the fresh fish sandwich, lobster roll, crab cake sandwich and many more options. Stores have a wonderful supply of fresh made dips and sauces such as: Smoke fish dip, ahi tuna salad, and Key West pink shrimp salad. Currently hot is Hogfish, Black Grouper, Mutton Snapper, Yellowtail Snapper and as always Ahi tuna. The website will do the best to keep you informed of the fresh fish stocks as well as any other additions to the seafood market.

Jim B.

Love the Cuban Sandwiches

That cuban sandwich was absolutely fantastic for the drive home. The restaurant is around mile marker 103, the Blue Marlin. They really pile on the meat, and overall I have to give them top marks. I ate half and then later on the drive the other halve. A splendid cuban mix. Also, I have your blue fishing shirt for warmth waiting for you on the couch in the spare room.

Pamela I.

Adopt the Florida Keys Highway Program

We need more people to help out with the Key Largo Rotary Highway Clean Up. What a great project is the Adopt the Highway focus. The Key Largo Rotary Club has joined in. We need more friends to help us do a good job with Adopt the Florida Keys Highway program. Yes, we do often meet and have cocktails, grilled mahi, beer, wine and fun too. The group will be assisting along the road from the south end of the Jewfish Creek Bridge, all the way to mile marker 106. Information about the program is detailed here at key largo rotary dot org. Please consider a few hours of volunteer help each week.

Ed Q.