Little cafes and the smaller places are the kind we like

Stopping for a Fish Sandwich
Upper Matecumbe Key is one of the top places for restaurants in the Florida Keys. go

Stir Fried on Petronia Cafe
The salads are really good when they have tropical fruit mixed in with nuts. go

Do Explore the Waterfront Dock Area
Do arrive as hungry as possible for this fabulous buffet. go

Super place to get Hot and Spicy Treats
It has a family-friendly atmosphere and we would recommend to begin with an order of the Pollo Loco Nachos. go

Full Service Cocktail Bar for Seafood
Just the place to take our fish fillets from the Sailors Choice fishing boat. go

Fish and Shrimp Thai Life Cafe
Yes, you will see it if you look closely as you head south down North Roosevelt Boulevard. go

Old Town Mexican Cafe
It is perfect for this fishing village style town. go

The Old Cigar Factory Saloon
It goes way back and has all kinds of neat aspects, including Hemingway bar fights! go


Eating Time Pleasures

Vacations to Marathon
This Resort and Villas are located directly on a Pristine Beach. go

Exciting Times Reeling in the Keys
We really never used to fish, but when you come here and it's just really entertaining because of the clarity of the water. go

Pick-out your very Favorite Colors
Very colorful is just about everything from hats, t-shirts, and all the wet wearables. go

Bring your Boat and Stay Wet
As you leave the dock, only one bridge is between you and the ocean, which is a five minute no wake zone cruise away. go

Tuning in to the Fishing Reports
Tips from the local fishing professionals sure makes our time on the water more productive. go

Splashable Things to do on the Island
One of the must do things for your Key West Bucket List is waverunner cruising! go

Going fishing on a Huge Boat
You can see so much from right where the boat starts out at the dock. go


Ready for the Blue Heaven Pie

Eating Time Pleasures

Eating in the keys is fun. I got the eight dollar apple pie at Publix, but it was half price. Four dollars for a pie seems high enough. I wonder what a whole pie at Blue Heaven costs. Maybe 10 or 12 dollars I would guess. Stopped at the store and got some cranberry sauce spread in the can from Ocean Spray. The cranberry sauce is great as the spread for sandwiches. So I will get some cuban bread, we need lots of good bread for leftovers. Next I will stop at the store for some fresh green beans and the rest of the veggies.

Deloris J.