Lots to see when you stop and lock your bikes to walk around this area

What is it like to vacation in Marathon Florida Keys
The modern boat ramp is just perfect and it is always exciting, even during the storms! go

Scuba Dive Key Largo or Tavernier
It is an SPA, so no fishing here. go

Lots of Critters in the Mangroves
This is the west entrance (or northwest) into the natural area. go

Special Secrets on the Island
Everyone knows about Smathers beach and Higgs beach, but this little beauty has special treats that are all its own. go

Checking out Flagler Bridge
The old bridge is a living museum and brings you as close as you can to experiencing Henry Flagler's historic railroad that went to sea in the storm. go

Boating Sightseeing Spots in Islamorada
Everyone will enjoy a kayak trip out to explore this fantastic Florida State Park. go

Overseas Highway Marina Docks
You are not half way to Key West yet, but it was time to have some fun and let everyone get out of the car. go

Trips deep inside the Keys
A small park for nature observation and has a walking trial. go


Natural Side

Tea Table Sunset Celebration
Every night is a sunset party here at the far lower-end of Upper Matecumbe Key. go

Presidential Gates at Truman Annex
But they won't open, without the presidential seal. go

Take-out Food Cafe in Marathon
What a really good place for hotdogs, and the one I got was so tasty. go

Flea Market
They are really good on salads. go

The Zaniest Show of all is Ripley's
It is excellent for all ages, just perfect for children. go

Party Time 7 Nights a Week
Everyone knows about the more famous bars down on Duval Street (Sloppy Joes, Captain Tony's, and Margaritaville Cafe), but there are some other places you just have to see. go

Millie's British Shop
There is another entrance on that side of the building as well. go

Careful steps for Vacation Planning

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Support Local Businesses

Every dollar that is spent locally is recirculated locally - on average seven times. Local businesses provide a majority of jobs and job retention. Local businesses support other local businesses. Local business owners invest in the community and have a vested interest in the future of this community. Local stores are more likely to carry locally produced items. Local business owners contribute to more local fundraising and 501-c 3's. Shopping local reduces your carbon footprint. The sales taxes you pay support this community and county: fixing roads, maintaining recreational facilities, funding schools and infrastructures. The business community becomes reflective of this community's unique culture. The hometown is more important than a cheap pair of sunglasses bought on the internet.

Ervin W.