Make sure you take at least one of the reef boat trips

Boater Hotel
Four people on a boat Fishing in the afternoon makes for good conversation and you can really get into the whole experience of looking down in the water and feeling the reel in your hand being so tight because that fish is down there struggling to not get caught for your supper. go

Easy Boating in the Florida Keys
It is a big deal to have quick access when you need to cross back because of storms, wind, or just to get back to the hotel. go

What kind of fish do you catch
Arguably, the very best fishing in Florida is in the Middle Florida Keys. go

Regular Season Starts August 6th
If you can remember this, planning for the next year is a breeze. go

Diver Education Center
What fun we had and could not have had a better boat captain. go

Ideas for Marathon Kayaking
What fun and you get fitness plus wet, so dress in colorful fishing gear. go

Extremely Fun Fitness
The location is ideal for teaching and riding. go

Perfect spot for a Fishing Charter
It was something that our friends suggested and so we stop here and got the fishing on in Marathon. go


Waterway Travel

Old Town Wok Cafe
If you are here for a week, this is a sure thing for one of your meals plus the leftovers. go

Butterfly Garden
A key element is the learning center, which explores aspects of the butterfly with a wall size mural map. go

Steps away from Zero Duval
Great variety of island wear and beach goods are perfect here on the island! go

Middle Keys Coffee Shops
They do all the roasting right here. go

Red Conch Chowder
Casual and yummy is the mix of dishes like shrimp platters with fries and some tropical salsa dipping sauce. go

Eat on Vacation
One of the places you need to stop when you're cruising down Duval Street is the Rum Bar. go

Keys Casual Style Sportwear
When you're out and about make sure you look for those big warm and juicy cookies and you will smell them when you are getting near the shop. go


Boating Down in the Florida Keys

Waterway Travel

We've been getting better with our fish, because we been doing so much boating down in the Florida Keys. Every time we go out in the boat, we are ready with our fishing poles. If we stop somewhere even for five or ten minutes, my pole with bait on it is down at the bottom. It's a lot easier to fish using bottom fishing techniques, as you don't need any chum or fresh live bait. We get lots of fish while were here and we freeze at all. We think a month is okay, I'm not really sure about how long fish is supposed to be frozen. To me a month seems like a long time for anything. One thing about fish, it is easy thaw and microwave for a great sandwich. You can thaw frozen seafood gradually, if you're not in a hurry, by placing it in the refrigerator overnight. You want to cook it the next day. If you have to thaw seafood quickly, immerse it in cold water in the same freezer bag that you stored it in. Some people use the microwave to defrost, I personally do not. Hope that helps everybody with their fresh catch seafood. Happy Boating in the Florida Keys!

Floyd J.