Many hotels sell out quickly from Friday to Sunday

Big Resorts
Resort amenities start with the sea, which is refreshing for swimming, snorkeling or diving. go

Swimming Pool play was the best part of it all
You really do not always know what the hotel is going to be like, as they can make themselves look good on the website. go

Really good is Old Town Manor
This is our favorite hotel now. go

Neat Location Makes it Primetime
We have found the pricing is very reasonable relative to the budget value and big time location for fun. go

Everyone is Looking for the Hotel Deal
This could be a good winner to stay later for two-three or four nights. go

Five Night Vacation of Pleasures
So lucky, we totally loved the place. go

All the Comforts of Home
The larger places like the Sheraton Key West are excellent, but we tend to go with the Old Town area. go

Conch Style Casual Ambiance
When you wake up in the morning there is action on the street already. go


Hotels Featured

Locally Created Tropical Art
You will not find a better shop. go

Lower Keys Sailboat Supply Store
Everything is quick and easy, and you will have a much better time down here. go

Cheap kayaks last forever for trips
(1) Snorkeling Excursions (2) Boat Sightseeing Trips (3) Party Fishing Boats (4) Sunset Cruise (5) Kayaking and Paddle Sports (6) Scuba Diving (7) Sailing (8) Kite Boarding (9) Parasailing (10) Paddle Boarding. go

Solid brimmed hats for the wind
You can find it on the lower level of the Westin Resort, the combined storefront is known as Sunset Waterfront Shoppes. go

Dockside Playtime greets the Cruise Ships
This is one of my very favorite places to go and enjoy the cool scene. go

Buying Wine
Now you have one more for the Must buy a Drink here List on the islands! go

Best Family Friendly Restaurants
Their half-pound cookies and old-fashioned sundaes are a sure hit after mega walking. go

Big and Impressive Hotel

Travelodge Bayside Suites turned out to be darn nice. What a big and impressive hotel, was the first thing I thought while approaching from us1 north. We just entered the island and the hotel maybe only five hundred yards in, on your left. Our experience has been very good with Florida Keys vacation hotels.

Efren S.

Stay at One of the Following

I would like to stay at one of the following and trying to reduce it down to one. The Mermaid and The Alligator is where easy living in style awaits you in Key West. We love the cute spots like this where you can chill or sip cocktails in a beautiful garden setting. It has been restored on the inside like a charm, and still keeps the old style exterior look, per the requirements of preserving Key West. What a spot to have the best in walking style vacations, right close to the Duval Street Crazies! Our accommodations we just so nice, very memorable and relaxing. The best part is the short walk to the excitement of Duval, the party zone. We are looking closely at the Wicker Guesthouse. Excellent pricing and fine accommodations means the best of weekend fun at the Wicker Guesthouse. Close to the big downtown entertainment zone and just moments away from some of the most the beautiful beaches in the area.

Susie U.