Marathon is loaded with must do things

Enjoying Tennis during your Middle Keys Vacation
The four courts on Key Colony Beach are mostly open nearly all of the time. go

Parks for Picnics and Spearfishing
Visitors come to this park on passing, as it is kind of out in the middle of nothing. go

Great with Children in Marathon FL
However, because the location is a ways away from any of the city centers, there are usually just a handful of people at the park. go

Learn about the Turtle Hospital
We got to tour the Turtle Hospital, as they offer special ninety minute presentations Tours run daily at 10am, 1pm and 4pm each day. go

Checking out Flagler Bridge
I tell everyone that asks me about what to do, to make sure you take the trail down with camera in hand. go

Great Beaches with Children
On the water you can snorkel, windsurf, toss frisbee or chill on the beach shore. go

Beach Secrets in the Florida Keys
They are here, but at much less than one hundred and many are the secret kind, just like Coco Plum Beach. go

Exploring Things around Marathon
It is easy to find near the end of Ocean Drive West. go


Shaded Walkways

Florida Keys locations for Water Vacations
What a location, as we had loads of marathon florida restaurants and bars withing a short bike ride. go

Fishing Bait and Tackle Shop
Get it all here: casting rods, swimbaits, tackle boxes, sinkers, floats, tools and pliers! go

Use Circle Hooks in the Florida Keys
Both great reasons to use them whenever you are fishing in Florida. go

Our Top picks for Celebrations
Do use the Pina Colada dipping sauce. go

Is it legal to Fish from the Shore
We are a family of four and want to put some corn on hooks and try to catch some off our hotel seawall. go

Stay close to the Marathon Party Bars
You get it all with an Oceanfront Weekly Rental on Key Colony Beach, the coolest island for a family vacation. go

Suites on Key Colony Beach
We stayed here for six nights and only have a positive spin on the hotel and area. go

How to change a Flat Bicycle Tire

Thanks for all the Florida Keys bicycle help and suggestions. Here are the steps to take if you do indeed have a flat inner tube. First thing is to remove wheel from bicycle. Deflate any remaining air out of the tube. Starting opposite the valve stem, use a set of tire levers to pry one side of the tire bead off of the rim. Proceed to slide the tire lever under the rest of the tire bead, removing it from the rim. It is only necessary to remove one side of the tire from the rim to replace the tube. Remove the damaged tube. Carefully inspect the inside of the tire for any debris lodged in the tire casing, as any foreign objects inside the tire may damage the new tube. Replace tire if any cracks or damage appear in the casing of the tire. Inspect the rim strip for any damage and check that it is properly in place. Inspect the rim for any damage or sharp edges. Partially inflate the tube a small amount to give it a little shape. Insert the valve stem into the rim and then tuck the rest of the tube inside the tire. Starting at the valve stem and using your hands tuck the bead of the tire inside the lip of the rim. Continue this process on both sides until your hands meet at the side opposite the valve stem. Once the tire bead is inserted behind the lip of the rim 360 degrees around, inspect for a pinched tube by squeezing the 2 sidewalls of the tire together creating a gap between the tire bead and the inner lip of the rim. Inflate the tire to the recommend pressure located on the sidewall of the tire. During inflation it is recommended to stop and double check that the tire bead has seated in the rim all the way around. You may need to partially inflate to 10-15 psi and deflate allowing the tire and tube to center themselves, then re-inflate. Reattach wheel to bicycle and see you on the Overseas Highway bicycle trail!

Floyd P.

Gearing up for the Storms

I love the article about hurricane prep. Being prepared and knowing what to expect will help you and your family remain calm and safe during and after a storm. As The Hurricane season begins on June first, Florida Keys insurance company would like to ensure the well-being and safety of your home and your family. We urge you to familiarize yourself with these suggestions and begin preparations, so you and your family can easily run through these steps once a storm is approaching. Your article does a great job showing off ways to prepare in the event of an impending storm.

Andreas C.