Marathon Key has at least four live bait shops, and you cannot miss them on the way to the bridge

Everything you need at the Matecumbe Bait Shop
Big boats can pull in to the dock area and get fuel. go

Fishing Regulations for the Florida Keys
ANSWER: In short, Illegal, no you cannot legally fish from behind your house or hotel without a fishing license, with a bunch of exceptions. go

Picking up the Live Bait in Islamorada
Fishing is a lot of fun when you can pop in to the live bait store. go

Very Cool and Lots of Fish
They all want to discuss bars, restaurants, and seafood. go

Catching Lobster
We used to just observe everything, but now we want more on our trips. go

Super fishing park at the Channel Four Bridge
Perfect for a day around the water, bridge fishing is cheap and can be very tasty! go

Silver King Fishing is the Best
Here are some of the tarpon fishing tips we got in the Keys. go

This is a great place to Catch Fish
There is a nice parking area for people to get out and check out the views, and lots of people go fishing off the bridge. go


Recreational Anglers

Stylish Florida Keys Hotel
Reviewing all of the hotel and resort options, we have to give the highest marks to value packed Hilton. go

The key is shoes that let you go from the water to the boat and into the restaurant. go

Home Improvements that are great for Florida
What a super thing to pick up to remember your trip forever. go

Blimp Road Boat Ramp Park
You will see plenty of sharks running around and that is part of a sunny day experience. go

Kayak Launch
There's a really good website called which is what we use on our smart phones to understand where and when the winds are going to go. go

Where is the Grocery store in Islamorada
Those are the larger chains and are also in Marathon and Key West. go

Nautical Gifts
We are blessed to have an array of super places to find that really neat item. go


Loves the Party Boat Fishing

Recreational Anglers

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