Most of the boats that go out focus on light tackle fishing using live bait, it is a thrill

Long Term Boat Docking
You can even get work done on your sailboat while you are docked up enjoying the super City of Marathon Key! go

Whale Harbor Channel Bridge Marina
This is one of the cooler places to stop and check into your watersports choices to do on your vacation. go

Key West Marina GPS Coordinates
What a party zone! go

Walking the Key West Waterfront
The big cruise ships, yachts, giant sailboats, and alike need a place to call home. go

Key Colony Board Sports
Dive flags are required, so do brush up on the dive flag rules. go

Boating Around the Island of Key Largo
Our boat trip started here at the marina, then we used the easy-to-read waterproof chart to get around. go

Great four nights in the Upper Keys
The restoration of the African Queen Boat was handled here at the Harbor Marina. go

Boat Service Location in Marathon Florida Key
Thank goodness for a place that offers a good value for your Florida Keys Boat Services rendered. go


Marine Center

Daily Happy Hour Party
This place has a lively crowd, which is what brought us in the first time. go

Home Style Rentals in the Action Center
We wanted a good time with a bit of upgrade over the basic condos. go

The Island Jewelry Bar
But to fully experience Key West's tropical heart, you need to go here, this is where us locals go! go

Lighthouse look out Tower
You get to learn a zillion things about the history of the island. go

Private Villa Style Property
Go on the bikes up the US1 Scenic Bike Trail that heads all the way to Stock Island. go

Boater Friendly Marathon Florida Keys Hotel
Here you get a very clean and traditional hotel experience, a no worries way to book a Florida Keys Vacation. go

Tasty Florida Keys Blue Crab Cakes
Keeping the oil out insures lower calorie per cake. go


We Had a Blast

Marine Center

Do know the Florida Keys Personal Watercraft Regulations. We had a blast, just play by the rules. (1) You cannot ride a PWC at night, from 12 hour after sunset to 12 hour before sunrise. (2) Fancy maneuvering and excessive weaving through congested boat traffic and other risky moves near another vessel can be ruled as reckless operation (a first-degree misdemeanor). (3) The operator must attach the engine cutoff lanyard to hisher body. (4) Inflatable PFDs are prohibited for personal watercraft use. (5) You have to be 18 to rent a personal watercraft in Monroe County. (6) Everyone riding on a personal watercraft must wear an approved Type I-IV personal flotation device (PFD). (7) Drivers born after 1987 have to pass a NASBLA approved boating education course. (8) The driver must be at least 14 in Monroe County.

Ross H.