Nature lovers will think this is simply astounding

Key Deer Boulevard
Heading into the Big Pine Key Nature Park is all about this wonderful street named Key Deer Boulevard. go

Southernmost Vacation Fitness Locations
You can get daily, weekly, or monthly passes to the Workout Center of Key West. go

Spice up your trip with a Scooter Rental
If this is your first time to Key West or are planning a visit, your normal car is no fun here. go

Best Local Rental Shop
Pick your sport of the day based upon the weather. go

Crazy Fun it was in Islamorada
It was nice to stay in Islamorada, what a place for everything fun. go

Rental Rides from Bikes to Zoom Scooters
This is now the very first thing we do after we check into our hotel. go

Family Style Dining in Key Largo
A clean and modern restaurant with all the island style is a winner for the area. go

History of the Overseas Highway
I love the really old photographs of the project being built from its beginning in Homestead in 1905. go


Life Around Town

Old Town Wok Cafe
I love Angelina's pizzeria restaurant for my late-night monkey craving, but that is a lot better and lower in calories. go

Waterviews Adds Spice to the Vacation
We thought the location was very good, just a ten minute bike ride from Smathers Beach. go

Every Weekend is Something Unique
Keep a good eye out on the event schedule and you will be surprised at the fantastic shows and entertainers booked to play here. go

Tropical Tree and Plant Bazaar
Shopping for neat goodies and bargains on the island is a charm. go

Hotels for Paddlers
Pick a sunny low wind day for the best experiences paddling along the shoreline. go

Bicycle Riding Ideas
There are zillions of Bicycle Sightseeing locations on the island. go

Old Seven Mile Bridge Park
The headquarters of the project was held here at historic pigeon key. go

Pet Friendly Florida Keys Vacations

Well, the Southernmost Vet I went to today was fantastic. He has seen Catman Kitty before, a few months ago, and he was not happy with the way things are going. Well, he did some tests and he figured out what the problem is. It turns out that when Catman Kitty ate the earth worm, and I gave him medicine for that, no one did any follow up tests to make sure the earth worm was gone. It turns out the earth worm parasite is not gone. That's why Catman Kitty has not been eating. And that's why the appetite medicine didn't work. This island is So Pet Friendly for vacation trips.

Faye N.

Really nice for Being Pet Friendly

Yeah to the Veterinarians of the Florida Keys. Catman Kitty is fine and he loves his new toy (your wrapping paper). Molly left me a note and said the fence in the back has a hole and Kitty got out one time. Will you please bring any gadgets that can help to fix the fence. I have not been out there yet because it has rained here. We are so lucky to have the best ever Veterinarian at Mile Marker One.

Sophie V.