October starts the beginning of stone crab season

Chowder at the Nine One Five
It is a winner and one to do for sure. go

Bar Treats at 404 Southard Street
We just got back from our travel trip to the island, this is one of the new places we tried and liked a lot. go

Spicy Seafood with all the Pizzazz
We topped off our day here and the seafood comes in perfectly. go

Simonton Street Lobster House
One of my top picks for seafood is one of Key West's best kept secrets, since it is famous for steaks. go

Vintage Crowne Plaza Bar
The handsome wine bar is just the beginning, as staying in the hotel is all about good times. go

Home Style Marathon Cafe
Get Everything from Burgers to Chowder. go

Pilot House Restaurant
It is our top pick. go

The Best Two Restaurants in Town
Easy to find by the Winn Dixie. go


Just Delicious

Tiki Carvings Shop
Being self-taught in the technique of Tiki Art is so unique. go

Open 10-6 daily for Island Art
My preference is on the scenes by the water with boats and tropical vegetation. go

Live Music in Key West
Make sure you walk by the bar during the day and check out the event schedule. go

Hotels to keep the Smiles on Wide
We meet so many people out around the swimming pool. go

Middle Island Bayside Location
The top producing live fishing baits are pilchards, small pinfish, shrimps and blue crabs, with a steady chum slick. go

Colorful Margaritaville T-shirt Buying
It is nice as you can hear the band playing in the cafe which is right next to the t-shirt shop. go

Transportation Rentals
Zoom- zoom in and out of all the little places you've never been before. go


Learn about Conch Seafood

Just Delicious

You'll most commonly encounter conch in deep-fried fritters, chowder and salads. They are a gastropod mollusk native to the Florida Keys and famous for its pretty spiral shell. Conch is pronounced konk, so make sure to get it right. Be sure to try some conch meat seafood. Conch tastes mild and sweet, a bit like clam. It's been illegal to harvest them in Florida waters since 1980s, thanks to severe overfishing. Conch meat is tough and it has to be pounded, marinated, or otherwise tenderized before eating. Conch is nearly as synonymous with the Florida Keys as key deer and key limes.

Thanh H.