One of the key things to do in Key Largo is eat the critters that come from the sea

Road Crossing
Just before you cross over the vaca cut bridge is lovely Sadowski Causeway. go

Zooming the Island in Style
Boy are people more satisfied with their vacation when they go all out and see it on a moped, the electric kind that are just so sweet. go

Using the Fabulous Bar Card
We like the fact that it really encourages you to try a whole bunch of different places, rather than staying at one stop. go

Live Music at the Bayside Grille
Right in the middle of the city, where the road splits out wide (mile marker 99). go

Tiki Bar Fish and Seafood
My recipe uses Hot Sauce (dipping sauce) - Baking Powder - Garlic cloves (minced) - Ground Florida Keys Conch (fresh or frozen) - Red Pepper Flakes - Black Pepper - Onions (thinly sliced) - Eggs (beaten) - Milk - Parsley (dice chopped) - Green Pepper (finely chopped) - Lime Juice - and a little bit of Flour. go

What for the Surprise Florida Keys Events
Always keep an eye out for this Annual Key West Bicycle Event, which I expect to get huge and grow from the 500 or so that participated in this particular year's event. go

Do see the Sunsets in a Boat
Why is Key West the Top Spot for Vacations in Florida? go

Ideas for Sightseeing
When you arrive or exit the Seaport this street is on the way. go


Misc Services

Checkout the Marathon Getaways
What a rich history here in the middle keys. go

Extra special for a Romantic time in Key West
This is a really fancy place with a lot of upgrades, first class and way above the benchmark. go

Designing Florida Beach Towels
It is a good place with good quality of our products, discount pricing and excellent service. go

Bottle of French Wine with Dinner
They serve a super-duper house-made key lime pie. go

Bridge Fishing Whale Harbor
Bridge fishing works really well, just pick a comfortable time of day. go

Beachware and Beach Toy Store
Use all of your really good weather for outdoor pleasures (snorkel trips, tour train rides, bicycle exportation) and do all of your gift shopping during poor conditions (when you are mostly inside). go

Hotel Watersports Launching Zone
We did things out on the water every single day of our trip. go

Island Life is all about the Bicycle

Island life and play makes the Florida Keys one of the most desirable communities in all of Florida. We love the palm lined roads, wide variety of architecture, and waterfront viewing opportunities as you travel about. Bring your bikes or pick up a rental, it is the easy way to find the secret beaches, the locals focused restaurants, and the really good happy hours deals.

Vera R.

The Best parts of Florida

You can have the Miami house. I want to stay in the Keys. Be sure to watch this video. It is good. Bill O'Reilly goes to the Keys.

Ralph Z.