One of the real treats of visiting the Keys is experiencing its tropical environment

Say Hello to Flipper the Dolphin
This is a great family event, one of the best around the islands. go

A Short Walk to Duval Street
We stayed at the Shipyard Condominiums, they rent them by the week or multi-week. go

Where to park my bike
There are lots of designated parking areas, well marked for you to park your ride. go

Giant Park in the middle of Islamorada
Special to the Upper Florida Keys is the huge park area on the bayside at Mile Marker 87. go

Mallory was excellent last night
We start the road trip down to the Florida Keys and do lots of entertainment on the way down. go

Top Picks for Big Laughs
Every day is different and that is part of the club's appeal. go

Sightseeing at Jimmy Buffet's Headstone
Be sure to check out the sign out front, there a lot of rules on what you can do in here. go

Buzzing the Backcountry on Waverunners
To me personal watercraft rentals or one of the best things to do when you're on vacation. go


Nearby Observations

Seafood and Wine on the Waterfront
Take your pick of fresh crab, mahi-mahi, and the Key West Pinks! go

Healthy Pizza Pies
Pile on the toppings, order it basic or as complex as you want to make it. go

Key Largo Kmart Store
You can pretty much guarantee that a need will arise to hit the Kmart a few times during your vacation stay. go

Vaca Cut Coffee Shop
The retires in the area walk every morning to places like this (coffee shops, breakfast cafes, waterfront restaurants) as the destination of the day. go

French Bread
Authentic and tasty french bread and pastries are here for you to choose from. go

Vacations on the big island of Marathon Key
Sea lovers will really like the zone, it is on a really big island with lots of watersports activities. go

Live Music Under the Stars
We just got back from our travel trip to the island, this is one of the new places we tried and liked a lot. go

We love Monroe County Florida

The Monroe County Tax Collector's office is excited to offer eNotify. This free service was designed for the Florida Keys taxpayer and will provide an email reminder when taxes are due. ENotify will not only alert you about early payment discounts, but will allow you to view, manage, and pay multiple tax records online. Visit the website to sign-up for eNotify today. To ensure that Florida Keys eNotify emails get to your inbox, please add us to your email Address Book or Safe Senders List.

Matthew Y.

Candy is a Movie Watching Tradition

We love the downtown Movie Theater, a block off Duval. Save some cach and bring candy. Ok, I will try to get some candy too. There has yet to be any candy at work. Please get me some mini Milk Duds if they have any. Candy is a movie watching tradition.

Sonia G.

Really nice are the Gardens

The gardens next to Higgs Beach are so nice and are oceanfront. This is what we need to do on kennedy boulevard to improver the street. I have not seen any life stirring around your house in a long time. Maybe you are on a cruise or something. We can talk about more community improvement at the next meeting. Add this to the agenda. I would like to borrow your spreader on tues, probably not till afternoon. Would that be possible? Keep up the southernmost improvement project!

Barrett V.

Things are always getting Better

Last week I emailed you about a maintenance window on the Florida Keys website cloud last Saturday night. Unfortunately we were unable to undertake this task due to a shortage of southernmost data center staff. We wanted to ensure we had enough staff on-site to minimize the downtime so decided to call it off at the last minute. Instead we will be doing this maintenance this Saturday night (Sunday morning) at 4am est. That will be the 16th February. We expect this maintenance window to last ninty minutes during which all of the Florida Keys will be offline so please plan accordingly.

Mindy Q.

Southernmost Valentine Weekend Bash

You did not make it down to pick up your fancy southernmost valentine day gifts! I will save them for you. I just have to pick them up tomorrow when the fifty percent off happens for all valentine gifts at walmart. You will get extra by receiving Holiday gifts a bit late! Both you and the full moon tonight kitty have a good relaxing evening after a long work day. Tonight is full moon time, I just saw it. Super is the moon in the winter. See ya later valentine!

Nicole N.