Our Hotel Booking Goals Focus on Cozy and very Clean

Vacancy for Weekly Condo Rentals
It really is the number one spot for a Vacation in the Florida Keys that will surprise you. go

Our review of the Dove Creek Lodge
Easy Winners for Hotels in Tavernier or Key Largo Florida was this cozy place. go

Boater Friendly Marathon Florida Keys Hotel
You will like the area and do bring your bicycles. go

All the Rooms are Splashed with Color
Get the neat historic feel of a Key West style Bed and Breakfast Cafe Hotel, it has all of that charm and more. go

Huge Swimming Pool
You can walk to lots of local north-end bars and restaurants, and it is about three miles to the city center party zone. go

Picking out a nice Island Hotel
Our room was just too pretty, loaded with neat art and care. go

Key West Hotel Videos
The hotel does offer specials, so be sure to ask before you book your reservation. go

Key Largo Dive Hotel
I like the pricing and it appears the summer season provides the cheapest hotel room rates. go


Hotel to Smile About

Ladies in Bikini Bar
I love a florida keys waterfront restaurant with coconut trees and a pool in the bar. go

Pickles the star Cockatoo
Everything is easy to explore and it is nice and close-up. go

Blue Plate Dinner Specials
That is the secret of Harpoon Harry's, where you get lower priced grilled fish sandwiches, salads, burgers, and dessert. go

Beer of your Choice on Tap
Go way up the seventh floor for the roof top bar. go

Details on the San Carlos Institute
Being right in the middle of downtown is just the spot for a place like this. go

Big Fans of the Spicy Foods
They even have some really interesting salads like nam sod, rainbow, and the big beef salad. go

Florida Gift Ideas
It be great if you could do an article on gift buying for Florida. go


Keeping Things Perfect for Guests

Hotel to Smile About

Even the fancy of southernmost hotels can have electrical problems. I was able to fix two of the three problems with the electrical today. Everything now works in the unit si kitchen, including the dishwasher. Plug the coffee maker in anywhere you want, it all works in the kitchen. The washer is on it own breaker, and now works. I was running a wire from another location, now the washer receptacle works. I have only one more bad circuit, which affects the two ceiling lights in the garage and the two respectable in the living room. The breaker on this circuit now works, as I replaced it and it shows 110 volt. Perhaps it is bad wiring, as I put both of the ceiling lights in the garage, so tomorrow I am going to replace them. My new plug tester shows the two receptacle in the living room as working correctly. It was cool today to change three breakers. Progress made with the kitchen and washer, one last circuit to trouble shoot!

Alfreda Y.