Pick a Hotel that has Cozy Spots to Chill after Watersports Fun

Staying where it's Cheap
The rate for a queen room is very good as compared to just about any chain hotel on the island. go

Trips are cool in the Historic Hotels
We you arrive, the front desk can give you some historic details that are so fun to read and learn about. go

Heated swimming pool and centrally located
Things just could not be better for weekend play, this is now our favorite place to stay in Key West. go

Beach Swimming and Tiki Bar
They offer just about everything and you are close to plenty of other stuff. go

Kick Back and Relax Poolside
We took full advantage of the outstanding pool and typically started and ended each day in the water. go

Our review of the Dove Creek Lodge
We love the Resort. go

Tropical Island B&B Escape
Location proximity to the Key West Nightlife is a big deal to us. go

Sunset Inn on Florida Bay
Kona Kai is fun and so sweet for a relaxing cottage by the water. go


More Road Trips

Just the Very Best Side of Town
It is excellent for all ages, just perfect for children. go

The Reef Trips
You'll head out on a power catamaran boat and be whisked away to the Key West coral reef. go

Good Dive Locations for Beginners
Horseshoe reef is a winner, plus good for beginners, as it is located nearer the shore. go

Blimp Road Boat Ramp Park
It is all the way at the end of Blimp Road. go

Building a Big List of Watersports Activities
I hope this helps people out. go

Old Town Travel Help Center
The people that work at the Chamber Help Center know just about everything cool to do. go

Very Tasty to Eat as Well
Less than ten of the spiny and venomous Lionfish washed into the Ocean (sounds like no big deal). go

Booking in Key Colony Beach

There are two more units ready in Key Colony Beach for booking. Add those locations when you can to the website rental listings. Ok, Florida Travel Commander. I will bring some painting clothes. I will also bring the pressure washer. I am done with it and we will work on units three to six this week. Everyone wants to stay here and the waiting list is backing up!

Sue I.

Plenty of good Hotels

I would tell people not to bring dogs on vacations down here to the Florida Keys. We tried it a couple times, our medium-sized dog is just too big and rough. Even small dogs because they usually are big barkers. There are plenty of good hotels to pick out a pet friendly resort, but you're going to pay plenty for the opportunity. The problem is the whole time you gonna be word about your dog, and picking up his poop. There's nothing worse than people on vacation to see other people picking up dog poop and carrying those little bags down there sidewalk. Forget dogs on your Florida Keys vacation, maybe a cat. Cats do not go on vacation. I don't usually do that, only maybe once every two or three years. He is a good cat, but not good on the Overseas Highway driving to Key West. Big pine kitty is going to the vet for his checkup the weekend after labor day. He is giving me a tough time with not wanting to take the pill. I got him some new pate cat food today and he's still being stubborn.

Clifton U.