Pick between a whole lot of small inns and family friendly guesthouses

Kick Back and Relax Poolside
Clean rooms, fantastic service, and outstanding views are what they brag about here, and yes they should. go

Nice Amenities and a Primetime Location
This was all that the website stated, all true! go

Ocean Views are very Nice
Kids will love having all the stuff to do around the pool. go

Stay close to Duval
We are certain that many people will feel this is the very best place to stay down here on the island. go

Condo Cottage Complex
Staying in the cutest ever condo cottages was a grand treat. go

Weekend Vacancy in Key West
Close to it all, this is a weekend getaway to the Florida Keys you will love! go

Mile Marker Zero Vacations without a Car
We got the two queen size beds and it was great for us because we have two small children. go

Everything surrounds the Swimming Pool
You cannot go wrong as long as you understand the location means higher priced luxury vacation pleasures. go


Far From Ordinary

French Dish Patio Cafe
Today is the day for some extra tasty creatively made food dishes. go

You are going to like the Happy Hours
The staff gets involved, as they sing, tell jokes, and dance their way along. go

This is where Zombies Shop
My mind was blown away. go

Big Thumbs up to the Gang
Good food, happy hours, and it really goes hot when they sponsor an event party, for example: Erotic Bubble After Party! go

They Play the Best Music
Enjoy one of the best in town party time bars, open until 4am! go

St Paul's Downtown Landmark
The building you see in front of you was constructed in 1919, but previous structures were taken out by fire and hurricane. go

Stock Island Pizza
It is the place for sweet Oven Pizza and the Bakery, now open for take out. go

Ideas for Hotel Rooms

Book a room any day of the week, there is almost always a festival to celebrate something! Have fun on vacation and all the historical tours. Walk from the hotel to all kinds of things to do. During the day it is all about heading out from the room and on the water for fishing, Snorkeling, scuba, and Kayaking. Stay at the same hotels and drink at the same bars as Ernest Hemingway. There is no shortage of resorts to pick from. Make sure you get the discount tickets to the Little White House, at the resort check-in lobby. Being able to walk or bicycle ride to the room means we can do more serious Margarita sipping. Key West has a rich history and it shows off in the resorts and guesthouses.

Ruben E.

Kitchen Cabinet Paining Idea

Sure too cool are your Florida Keys project ideas. I will bring those things to the volunteer meeting at the Bocce court parking lots. On the kitchen cabinet paining idea, I have a comment. The first picture looks sweet, but don't forget, the hinges are not showing so that is why it has a clean look. Clean looks are the focus of the kitchen-helper hotel fixer sue!

Lucille U.