Picking the perfect hotel takes some homework time

Islamorada Florida Keys Hotel Recommendations
For example: on Tuesday you call about reservations and want a discount for a room on Wednesday and Thursday. go

Ideas to play in Marathon
Fat Buoyz is really cool and the seven mile marina is here for boat rentals. go

Extraordinary Florida Keys Hotels
Actually, the Curry Mansion itself is a famous attraction on its own and people stop and take photos of it all day long. go

Weekend Vacancy in Key West
We arrived to the surprise of our lives. go

Hotel for Modern Style and Romance
A winner in every way from the location on Truman Avenue to the outstanding swimming pool. go

Best Hotel Bar for a Martini
The views of the Key West Waterfront are the ticket here and it is primetime. go

This Duval Street Inn made everyone happy
Plus you get the watersports fun, enjoy easy access to all that the Florida Keys offers including fishing, reef snorkeling, scuba, and parasailing. go

Suites at Bayside Travelodge
What a big and impressive hotel, was the first thing I thought while approaching from US1 North. go


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Great Places to Chow
The hawaiian chicken sandwich is a sure fire winner for lunch. go

Fishing is going to be Great Today
The shallow saltwater flats (we prefer the bayside) of the Florida Keys are perfect to test your skills. go

Things to Do in Key West
All of the trolleys in Key West mention its history as part of the tour. go

Go for a Big Trip Dive in Key Largo
The boat is modern, fast, and just overall fantastic. go

Meal with Wine Bottle
I would have to give this restaurant the top prize for yummy! go

Grouper Sandwich or Crispy Lobster Sandwich
It has be a favorite of my for years. go

Sophisticated Bar Stool Cafe
Sitting outside is the best way to enjoy all of the sights and sounds of this iconic city. go

Loving the Hotel Watersports

Bahia Honda Campground does look nice. Ok, Florida Travel Commander, well I wasn't planning on camping there anytime soon anyway. I will stick to Tranquility Bay resort in Marathon. I will come down next weekend. It will be great to swim in the Tranquility Bay resort pool.

Elwood V.

Hotels and Condo Rentals

A lot of people ask about bringing cats or dogs down to the Florida Keys on vacation. There are many pet friendly hotels and Condo Rentals, that you can take advantage of. A lot of it depends on what kind of animal that you have, because the likelihood is you are going to be busy all day and your pet is gonna be stuck inside the unit. Some people like to take their Pets everywhere with them, but that means you won't be able to do a lot of things in the Florida Keys because many places do not allow pets. We always tell people, you probably going to have a lot more fun if you don't bring your pets down here. The less distractions, means you will have more opportunities to stay busy and enjoy everything to the maximum. There's nothing worse than cutting your outing short because you know you need to get back to the unit because your word about your dog needing to go out and pee. My pet stays home. It is not me, it is kitty. Kitty likes to take it easy and stay home. That is what he likes! He likes the security he gets from his happy home.

Rory O.