Plan on a great day down by the water

All Ages Water Playground
The marina is crazy big and busy with all sorts of different water trip types to pick from. go

Private Beach Area is yours to use
You get it all: oceanfront, boat ramp, marina, and a nice swimming pool. go

Best Resort Beach on the Island
The Casa Marina has the very best resort beach on the island. go

Valhalla Beach Resort at Mile Marker 57
There was about eight different kayak boats out, and just a handful of people swimming or laying around the beach. go

Beach Bar of the Florida Keys
Very few restaurants in the Florida Keys have their own little beach zone for water play. go

Swimming Area in Key West
If you stay at the Coconut Beach Resort, you will know exactly where it is! go

Family Beach
About one hundred yards away is the alternative atlantic ocean side shoreline. go

Finding the Picnic Spots
Wearing a big shade hat is a wise investment for your Florida Keys Vacations. go


Swim Suit Day

Things to see on Big Pine Key
Try around dawn or dusk if you can fit it into your schedule. go

Hotels for Paddlers
It is good-pleasure-fun to see the little and big marine critters swimming underneath or right beside the kayak. go

Fun Stay at the City Center Hotel
Very impressed with the inspiring location, you can plan your day from up above the city. go

Snake Creek Marina
Be sure to go to the rum runner Tiki bar and of course the Islamorada public swimming pool is huge. go

Launching your Boat in Marathon Key
This is a very good area for boating and that is why so many people love to rent by the week in Marathon Key. go

Main Nightlife Drinking Zone
You cannot miss this one as it is located on legendary Duval Street down in the main nightlife drinking zone. go

Poolside Happy Hour Celebration
This is the original Key West Happy Hotel, where they made the tradition so famous. go


Swim Season Water Play

Swim Suit Day

Swimmer Florida Keys travel commander went in after the evening bike ride tonight. Not just another swim time. The swim location of the summer season! The hour bike ride left me sticky and then I got twenty minutes of splash exercise. It is good for the muscles to work out under water with resistance. Feel free to subscribe to my daily pool tweets to know: when I get in, how I feel entering, and of course the daily temperature update! Swimmer Florida Keys travel commander tweets!

Aurora V.