What to do for fun besides drinking on your Trip to Key West?

The Best of Florida Keys
This is the spot at 281 Front Street, as this building has all series of interesting things going on during its history. go

The Zaniest Show of all is Ripley's
If you have children, younger kids love this place. go

Volleyball and Beach Water Toys
Smathers Public Beach has restrooms, outdoor showers, white sandy volleyball courts, two lane boat ramp, and watersports rentals. go

Board the Conch Tour Train
This is a graceful ride to be informed and entertained. go

Landmark Zero is a Must-see
Make sure you rent bicycles to really explore all the great landmarks. go

Playful Cocktail Drink Locations
Thank goodness the local political leaders had the foresight to build a giant public walkway system all the way around this fishing village. go

Super Family Sightseeing Spot
The view over the Atlantic Ocean is really good, with boats zooming by the nearby waterway channel. go

Review of Cityview Trolley Ride
Get discount tickets to the Cityview Trolley at the chamber building, in downtown on the lower end of the city. go


Target Destinations

Convenient to the Attractions
Old homes that have been fully restored and modernized are a treat to enjoy. go

Pasta Dishes are in Big Demand
I would try dining here and Nine One Five Bistro, Old Town Mexican Cafe, and Mrs Macs Kitchen for some yummy treats that are a bit different that the traditional grilled shrimp. go

Building a Big List of Watersports Activities
I hope this helps people out. go

The Art Scene is Super in this Town
Browse a sweet mix of eye candy and his history unfolds in front of you. go

Our Weekend was 100% Super
This place is fantastic, so clean and well maintained. go

Old Town Shopping Specialists
We always stop in and pick up some cheap gifts. go

Very Nice Dinning Experience
Pisces is noted for their Lobster Tango Mango, and offers a broad mix of interesting sensations like: Yellowtail Atocha, Key West Pink Shrimp, Raspberry Duck and Filet Mignon. go


Summer Season is back Again

Target Destinations

It is time to prepare, as Summer Season is back Again. Storm shutters are a pain, just do a test run ahead of time. What to get ready now so a hurricane coming will not mess you up. Metal shutters can be heavy and have very sharp edges, so be careful to get them ready. Use gloves and dress accordingly and don't hesitate to enlist the assistance of friends, family or professionals. The greatest threat to your home in most hurricanes is not the wind itself, but wind-blown debris which can break windows and doors. Everyone and your neighbors must bring in any and all outdoor items which can easily become wind-borne. Be very careful when putting up your storm shutters.

Corine J.