Remember the sharks are looking for their meals

Duck Key Charters
Beginners or experts will both have fun and learn all about true fishing professionals. go

Fishing at the Channel 4 Bridge Park
Boats go zooming around the area keeping it entertaining as you cast your line. go

Lobster Kits
We used to just observe everything, but now we want more on our trips. go

Fishing for Blackened Sandwiches
It was a blast to be able to fish right behind our hotel, at the Bayside Inn. go

Getting rid of the Lionfish
These fish are so cool to look at, but they eat all the little fish on the reefs. go

Upper Keys Fishing Tackle Store
For those of you who would like to come fishing in the Florida Keys without breaking the bank, pick up some live bait for free pier and bridge fishing. go

Grilled Seafood for Catch or no Catch
The Sailor's Choice party fish boat captain told us to take our mahi-mahi and they will cook it for us here. go

Live Fish Bait on Sale
It is right on the primary waterway cut that takes you from Gulf to Oceanside. go


Places to go Fishing

Fresh Daily Seafood Specials
The Buzzard's Roost will cook your catch, and they have a cute little video on their website too. go

Pet Friendly Hotel Islamorada
The one-lane boat ramp and boat docking area is perfect for small to medium sized boats. go

Fried Shrimp Tacos
Pick between all sorts of seafood platters, fish tacos, and homemade chowders. go

Key West Paninis Cafe
Fine stop here in Old Town with a strong focus on serving French Cuisine. go

Lower Florida Keys Boat Ramp
Plenty of boat trailer parking and it is quick out to Looe Key. go

Just the Very Best Side of Town
Right around the corner is now Mallory Square and during the day, it is a giant shopping area. go

This Location is Just Fantastic
That was ridiculous since this is an island filled with a lifetime of fun activities and entertainment. go


Fishing Supply Center

Places to go Fishing

We have a ton of customers from the Florida Keys because of the online fishing supplies store. Captain Harry's Fishing Supply Center is located at 8501 NW 7th Avenue, in Miami. But we have it all online making life easy. We have it all. (1) Bait Sticks (2) Fishing Books (3) Jigheads (4) LED Lanterns (5) Braid Line (6) Crankbaits (7) Monofilament Line (8) Tackle (9) Fishing Equipment (10) Wire Baits and more. Thanks for posting the website link and information. When we are local, Captain Hooks is the best shop.

Asa Y.