Riding bicycles to the restaurant bars is my kind of life style

Open Mic Night is Awesome
There is certainly nothing wrong with making quality food and selling it at favorable pricing. go

Lunch Places you Never heard Of
We like to try different places each day to keep the trip more interesting. go

Serving the Brain Dart with Silver Tequila
Our group is into the tropical drinks and we try them all. go

Blackened Fish Pasta Dishes
Fresh seafood is the star mixed in with italian, salads, burgers, and a yummy fried shrimp sandwich. go

Amazing Dining at Marquesas Cafe
I would have to give this restaurant the top prize for yummy! go

Power Snacks for the Bicycle Tours
They serve a super-duper house-made key lime pie. go

Key West Cookie Store
Also, do check out the Magic Shop and Key Encounter Exhibit on the second floor. go

Fleming Street Smoothie Shop
Healthy with powerful flavors is the focus here. go


Gourmet Dinner

We Prefer to Stay with Waterfront Views
They now offer all kinds of special types of electric cars to get around, it is just a blast. go

Louie's Backyard Public Beach
Any place you can get wet and enjoy the ocean is just fantastic. go

Everything is Made From Scratch
This is where to go for great salads and all fresh fruit smoothies. go

Wyland is the real deal
Eye candy will surround you and delight the senses of the brain, it is a Key West art experience. go

Impressed with the Cultural Displays
Find it right at Mallory square, about 50 yards from the dockside waterfront. go

Staying close is a Great Thing
We took our fish from the Tortuga Boat and cooked half, with half in the freezer. go

Stay close to Duval
It was perfect for our for nights of party times here in the city. go

Key Lime Pie on a Stick

You must try a chocolate dipped Key Lime Pie on a stick. One will not be enough. They are delicious. I may have to go order some just thinking about them. Best for sure on the island are the chocolate dipped key lime pie on a sticks!

Graciela E.

Unbelievable Flavor

Here is the recipe for slow cooker latin chicken. Key is the spicy cumin, chicken, salsa, black beans, and sweet potatoes, which you combined into a flavorful stew. The thigh meat has unbelievable flavor and tenderness. It came from allrecipes.com. Don't forget to add some corn to the recipe, and use a little less chicken so everything fits in the crock pot. Don't forget, leave the bone on because that adds flavor just like smokeybones.com cafe.

Bobbi L.