Shopping is more fun in your beach sandals

Tandem Bikes
They specialize in bicycle rental, sales and maintenance and that's it. go

Scuba Shop at Mile Marker 80
The marina here is named Bud and Marys, a famous place that is great to see. go

Where to get a ladies bikini
They have some really cool stuff and are always a head of the curve on style. go

Where to get Anything Quick
This is one cool and historic building right smack in the middle of the action. go

Spice up Your Sexy Swimwear
Cover style dresses can be thin and revealing, or more conservative. go

Florida Gift Ideas
Being able to buy stuff online has got to be a huge advantage for somebody selling off an island down in the Florida Keys or, saint augustine or Clearwater Beach for that matter. go

New Summer Styles
The store features lots of island inspired colors in the styles for South Florida living. go

Wine Making Florida Keys Style
Enjoy plenty of good things in one area, and lots of wine drinking restaurants. go


Bargain Hunter

Key West Boater Hotel
Use bicycles or electric vehicles to travel here local, these are cheaper than ever to rent. go

Sweet Treats by the Cruise Ship Docks
Just a short walk down from the Truman Annex (our hotel condo area), this is also where the big-giant cruise ships make land on the island. go

Great Times Out on the 6-Seater Rental
Our rental was so nice we did it for two days to see the entire island. go

Walking the Key West Waterfront
This is living the life, right here off the docks of Key West. go

Where to have Lunch
Quick and casual, this is one of the classic stops to enjoy. go

What is the best boat ramp for Key West
A lot of the locals like to come out here for sunset, those that live a block or two away from the park. go

A very Special Area
Old homes that have been fully restored and modernized are a treat to enjoy. go


Limitations of our Island Shops

Bargain Hunter

If some wants business clothing, the mall in Kendall is best rather than the shops in the Florida Keys. Since you are doing so well after your procedure, I am going to stay up here in Key Largo this weekend. I am going to do some clothes shopping for my travel business work. Macy's is having a big sale - twenty five percent off all clothes. Residents of the Florida Keys have just about all kinds of shopping, but high end dress-up is all about the Miami malls.

Rex E.