So cool is exploring this wonderful area

Mallory Square Cookie Shop
Everyone will be so happy that you got your Key West Gift for them right here. go

Get Educated for better Vacation Experiences
The attraction and experience really sheds the light on what it all means to the Florida Keys and the Diving Industry. go

Perfect for Beach Play
Having the bean bag toss and all the other beachside games is a nice treat. go

Primetime Downtown Key West Patio Bar
Every day is different up here, as this was our third time eating up with the second floor views. go

Key West Attractions for Families
This island was primary populated due to the growth of shipwrecking and how it made Key West the richest city in the State of Florida. go

Paddle Tour of the Homes
We like to take advantage of the Standup Paddle Boards when the winds are super calm. go

Mile Marker Zero Dancing Bar
Make sure you asked lots of questions so you know whether you want pork, fish, chicken or beef. go

Where is best location for kayaking in the Florida Keys
The shade that you get under the mangrove trails is wonderful and creates a special water scene. go


Stay Local

Open Market Shopping Zone
This is the spot for gifts, island doodads, and surprises. go

Ultimate Middle Keys Escape
The giant swimming pool makes arriving back at the hotel something to look forward too, plus tropical cocktails too! go

Ladies Swimwear Shop
QUESTION: What is the top ladies swimwear shop in the Florida Keys to get a bathing suit? go

Where to Buy Colorful Beach Towels
These make great gifts, everyone loves some new luxury beach towels. go

Our Exciting Weekend of Play
Having quick access to everything makes the trip so easy, and more rewarding. go

Good times on trips to Key Largo
I like the pricing and it appears the summer season provides the cheapest hotel room rates. go

Book Midweek to Save
With your Marathon Key stay, enjoy a really nice pool with ocean views and a very active watersports focused lifestyle. go

Conch Republic Vacation Sightseeing

Old Town is home to popular destinations including Mallory Square, the famous Duval Street, and fort zachary taylor State Park. Learn about the conch republic, ship wrecking, and pirates! Old Town is the original Key West neighborhood and home of the Key West historic district. There are many places to stop and take the guided tour. You will see plenty of balconies plus the classic Key West bungalows and guest mansions as you tour. Famous in the city are the homes with gingerbread trim, pastel colors, and covered porches. Hear and view the history of the Truman Annex, and the 'Little White House', home away from dc for many us president's. Explore the quiet lanes of Old Town and discover the wood frame structures and peaked metal roofs. History is alive in Key West Old Town.

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Cardsound Jacks is nice, we like the food. This is the very first bar, one super place, in the Florida Keys and is worth stopping in. It makes for a blast by the water. We came down to honor the Marine Conservancy. What an outstanding organization with a deep love and commitment to helping our Florida Keys Marine Life. A stranding can happen just about anytime, but luckily it is on the rare side. The day builds and you eventually get a Florida Keys Sunset! What could be better than a special sunset together with your sweetheart. This one is breath taking. Our goal is to keep up on the Key Largo Events. If you would like to add an event to the Key Largo event list, just submit a quick comment. Just let us know and we will give you some free publicity.

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