So fun is the nature when you get up close views

Parks to enjoy around the Island
Plan on seeing all kinds of neat little parts of the islands, like Local's Park Key West. go

Each Trip Brings New Experiences
We enjoy cooling off in the water and watching all the action which occurs on the land and water. go

Where to go for Barbecue
Plenty of people use this for barbecue picnics, just about each and every day of the year. go

Secret parks in the Florida Keys
We like this place during the week when it is typically empty, with the exception of people going out on the boat to fish. go

Florida Keys Topless Beaches
What a really nature focused beach park! go

Vacations Pleasures of every possible kind
What a neat scene is the property on the waterfront at the Ocean View Pub. go

Perfect Stop on the Way Down US1
Anne Eaton will forever be a classic nature beach area attraction. go

Fun and Safe Bicycle Riding Areas
The Florida Keys are so lucky to have such a fantastic Urban Bicycle Trail. go


Enjoy Being Outside

Bait Fish catching in the Florida Keys
The group supports thoughtful efforts to ensure that our fisheries are sustainable and people that work in the industry will continue to make a living at commercial fishing in the county. go

Flying High over the Islands
It was something I just had to try after seeing it fly past all day long while we were cruising around in the boat. go

The huge Best Western by the Sea
We split up into two rooms and had so much fun. go

Private Romantic Retreat
I kind of figured that it was in a good spot when seeing the address on Center Street. go

Everything about Florida Keys Fishing
If you are going to do any fishing on your vacation there is a nice place to pickup your hooks and tackle. go

Middle Keys Boat Towing
Once you see how fast the tide flies by in the channels, it makes one realize that engine power loss is a big deal. go

Top Bar Stool Picks
Best on the menu is the fire roasted shrimp jerk style, slow simmered in garlic seasonings. go

Nature is all Around

Everyone needs to watch out for the bird nesting season here in the Florida Keys. April is a big month for new birds to be born. Now locals, please don't torment them too much. They are trying to protect their young.

Beryl Z.

Surprises for Outdoor Exploration

Softball and Bocce in Key West is so fun. Those fall in the category of things I do not love about my job. It is nearly noon and I have spent the last three hours dealing with the legality of a softball bat that someone attempted to use in league last night. It is an easy ruling, the bat doesn't have a certification stamp, it isn't legal, but convincing someone of that requires me getting verification of a ruling from the big wigs within asa, which is such a waste of their time and mine. They keep pushing me and I'll make them play with wood ones and be done. See you at the Monday night Bocce courts and after it is two friends bar.

Jana U.