Special are the Prime Shopping Places to Enjoy

Mix and Match Ladies Swimwear
Has some Hip Hiders, Tummy Thinners, D Cup and higher too. go

Havanos Cigar Bar at 925 Duval
Just the perfect old style Dominican Republic Cigar Shop. go

Johnson's Classic Grocery Market
What a pleasure is having this little grocery store just around the corner from our hotel. go

Shopping Deals
My pick are the cozy sandals and it is neat to see the employees making them in the shop. go

Motorcycle Clothing Store
Buy your gifts here to save a ton and there is so much to choose from. go

Low Calorie Key Lime Pie
You won't find a more interesting pie market in town. go

Spicy Stuff for the Kitchen
Get some sauce for your tacos and all the sudden you are like a chef. go

Quality Gift Search
We always are searching for quality gifts, not the cheap stuff that's just going to slowly self-destruct over time. go


My Shopping Trip

Sexy Bikini Girls in Key West
Whatever is best for the day: kayaks, snorkel tools, SUP, and tons more! go

Just follow the Reef Boats Out
This is a very nice park area at mile marker 102, which has a big marina and four modern boat ramp lanes. go

Key West Pina Colada Saloon
Start your meal off with a frozen pina colada, they have the best coladas in is town. go

Holiday Inn Express Marathon
It is located on a wonderful oceanside lagoon and perfect for the boater. go

Review of Tropical Cottages at MM-50
It was fun to stay here and we wanted to send you some information on our weekend. go

Tropical Botanic Garden and Community Preserve
The park was established to help protect a rare stretch of the mangrove forest where so many Key Tree Cactus plants thrive. go

Florida Keys Tarpon Fishing Tips
Use only a push-pole or electric motor, as a gas powered motor will spook off their feeding desires. go


Check out your Kohl's

My Shopping Trip

check out your kohl's, as this store chain has it going on. Growing fast in south florida and taking over the state with cheap prices. I would like to check out your kohl's store. The one I went in had double entrances, way spread out and two separate register pay out zones. Very big, with high tech electronics everywhere on every product. We can go, perfect for a storm or to get out and stretch the legs in the hot summer. Cheap prices on name brand goods like nike is a good thing. I got some fancy blue shoes sort of like rod stewart would wear performing at a concert!

Ken H.