The board rides are equally as pleasurable, so do that on another day of the week to keep life spicy

Entertainment with Children in Key West
The glass bottom feature of the boat is outstanding, plus they have very polished commentary entertainment. go

Our Pick for Seafood Dinners
Ask about each day's menu and drink specials, which are the way to go. go

Good Choice of Things to Do
As you cross over the Seven Mile Bridge past Marathon on the way to Big Pine Key, be sure to check out the old Seven Mile Bridge and Pigeon Key. go

Bathing Suits are fun on Bikes
Tons of visitors also come here to take advantage of the sports and recreational opportunities available here on the island. go

Truman Avenue Tennis Court Park
We tend to eat a little more and indulge in cocktails to a higher degree during our Florida Keys vacations. go

Boot Key Viewing Cafe
It is the top pick for family dining along the waterfront on the island. go

Family Adventure on Miss Islamorada
The fun starts just getting on board and preparing for the day. go

Capturing the Island Experience
Located at the northern end of Marathon Florida Keys. go


Destination Musts

Art Classes
This area is loaded with the caulk style casual ambience that just makes creative thinking easier. go

Watching the Fish Strike the Bait
I love the party fishing boat, the Marathon Lady, but fishing off the shore is so easy and you can do it on a whim. go

Monthly Wet or Dry Boat Slips
One of the best things about the Islamorada boating zone are all the boater friendly restaurants waiting for you to try. go

One of the best restaurants in the city
Super good is a night out eating in this fun city. go

Everything for the Cigar Lover
Yes, and it is located right in the action on Duval Street. go

Famous for Omelet Specials
It is so neat filling up on some hot cakes or one of the egg omelets, and their coffee is spot on. go

Loggerhead Sea Turtles
Nature lovers find this a must-see-turtle experience and you can donate extra funds to help these wonderful creatures. go


Add it to the To-Do-List

Destination Musts

People tend to fly past the Hurricane Monument heading to the reefs or the bars. What a special piece of Florida Keys History to see and you can stop and check it out on the bike pathway. We stayed at the Days Inn and found some really great things to explore, like the Hurricane Monument, and everything is accessible using the bicycle pathway. You just have to take the time to read the words, which just takes a few minutes. This is so close to the hotel, we walked by it on the way to the Fish Company for the sunset dinners. We love all the history, and the Dive Museum is a winner too, so add it to the to-do-list.

Mauro N.