The boat trolling motor is perfect for the skinny water fishing

Available 24 Hours a Day
Special times are here to be had, as this is one of finer areas for boating in all of the Florida Keys. go

One of the Better Things to do in Key Largo
A bit of a hassle, otherwise Monday to Friday is not typically a problem. go

Waterfront Sightseeing Spots
The ramp is very nice and well maintained. go

Simonton Street Boat Ramp
This is one of the public ramps located all the way down the chain of islands. go

Great Locations to Boat in the Florida Keys
When you boat on the slow side in the three foot depth range, it is much easier see the nurse sharks down below. go

Using the Boat in Marathon
On our trips to the Florida Keys, having the boat-in-tow with us is the most important thing for fun. go

Boating in the Florida Keys
This is one of the main Marathon Florida Boat Ramps that are open to the public. go

Boat Ramp at the Lorelei
The local boat captains use this ramp to start and end the fishing charters. go


Go Boating

Kayak Ramp near the Seven Mile Bridge
This is one of the better areas to see lots of nature, plus there are mangrove trails. go

Learning to Dive in Tavernier
You do all the beginning educational things in the Keys Motel swimming pool here in Tavernier. go

Returning with Seafood Dinner
Going for a group fishing outing to catch as many keepers as possible and legal. go

Casa Marina Beach Pleasures
During the daylight hours the focus should be on taking advantage of the beach and water play. go

Lobster Kits
The lobster assassination kits give you the edge to increase your catch ratio. go

Fun and Exciting Kid Friendly Experiences
The key to shoreline fishing is to enjoy the views! go

Where to Snorkel in Florida Keys
The Tilden Snorkel Center Boat took us out to Sombrero Reef Marine Sanctuary and the beautiful Lighthouse. go

Good Things for Boating

All the boaters of Key West should go ahead and add the Garrison Bight Marina phone number to your cell phone programming. If something comes up, this is where we go for service, fuel, bait, and marine products.

Neva K.

We like to Boat

For sure there's no doubt about that the trips down to the Florida Keys are weather related. We like to boat, and have a twenty-one foot runabout boat that we bring down behind our car on the boat trailer for the opportunity to fish out near the reefs. What a pleasure it is, and then you can take whatever you catch to the Local Restaurants. I'm serious, you take what you just caught out there in the water and bring it down to the restaurant and they will cook it for you! This is My kind of Town, but sometimes it rains and as a way goes. Ok, Florida Travel Commander, that is wonderful, but I would rather that you work on the Patio Dining rather than work in the kitchen. It's a good thing you didn't come up this weekend. Paul delegatto says we are having an el nino rain!

Thaddeus I.