The first trip to the park we did the beach and took a kayak rental

Ideas for Waterfront Vacations
Having a super waterfront view from your hotel is a big plus. go

Family Beach
The shoreline area on the Overseas Highway side of the park is Calusa Beach. go

Key West Beach Park
The ocean is beautiful, plus there is lots of room allowing the whole family to kick back and relax in absolute comfort. go

Oceanfront Shoreline Hotel
The area is exceptional for families, fishing, and it is so fun to snorkel right off the shore. go

Great Beach at Marathon's Tranquility Bay Resort
ANSWER: The amenities and watersports you can do at the Marriott puts that hotel up high on the option list. go

Make it a Beach Vacation for sure
There is a lagoon area stocked with fish and you can snorkel. go

A Great Hotel Location for Islamorada Getaways
Having a nice beach area for swimming at the hotel was a huge treat, and perfect for those with children. go

Middle Florida Keys Beach Parks
At sunset time there is a nice crowd of folks with cocktails in hand. go


Plenty of Beautiful Bikinis

Coco Plum Beach Rental
Book a room and you are in for a great trip. go

So cool is the Tropic Cinema on Eaton Street
Daily matinee start times have a discounted ticket price. go

Quality Gift Search
When you're over by the seaport, be sure to pop in here and take a look. go

Waverunner Trips
This is one Florida Keys park that is empty except for the nature at 8am, but in just a few hours packed with boaters. go

Home Style Rentals in the Action Center
The Moorings is a clean place and decked out nicely on the Atlantic Ocean. go

Where do locals go for sandwiches
I like the variety with the selection between hot or cold sandwich, plus the healthy salads. go

Seaport Marine Supply Key West
The boating in Key West just does not get any better, we so much love it here. go


Top Beaches of Florida

Plenty of Beautiful Bikinis

The coolest beach to walk quietly to see more shorebirds and marine life. This is the beach in the Florida Keys for a ladies Topless Sunbathing day. It is similar to Anne's Beach in Islamorada, back up the coast about 20 miles. It is not on Key Colony Beach, but close. Just before Key Colony Beach is the place to turn on Coco Plum Drive (left if heading south) and the beach entrance is less than two miles. A very natural Florida Keys beach area, typically quiet with ten or less people. See plenty of marine life because of the adjacent wetland area. Bring a float or other watertoys, and play naked in the ocean.

Claudia T.