The Flagler Station is a good starting point for the journey

Beer and Alcohol
Lax open container laws and the abundance of bars and restaurants makes this the coolest place to party. go

Pool Play makes the Vacation Special
The poolside Outback Tiki Bar adds a nice twist with food and cocktails. go

Reef Snorkel Trip on Pennekamp's Dolphin
Yes, take a pleasure boat ride out to some of the inner marine reefs. go

Where do locals go for Key West Coffee
Yes, this is where the locals of Key West go to enjoy a gem of a Coffee Shop. go

Great Act that makes me Laugh
He got me the first time over as you exit the Sunset Cafe, where you walk down the docks heading towards Mallory Square. go

Boat Taxi
Jumping on board here is similar to taking a mini-cruise. go

My Pick is the Ham and Cheese Croissant
You can build your own sandwich starting with the Roast Beef, Turkey, or Ham. go

Florida Islands Motorcycle Ride
During one of many of the event festivities, the winner and winning poker hand are announced. go


Local Subscription

Hotels for the Kayak Trips
We did things out on the water every single day of our trip. go

Lunch near Big Pine Key
Great spot for those cruising by or staying around the Big Pine Key area. go

Great times during the happy hours
We spend long days out on the Ocean and Islamorada Sandbar and they make it so refreshing. go

A very Special Area
Key to picking out a rental is to make sure you have your priorities in order. go

Hotels for Boaters in Key West
This town will keep you on the go most of the time, and it is kind of in the center of the island. go

Scooters are the way to travel in Key West
Renting bicycles was always our preferred tool to tour every inch of the island, we love it. go

Blue Water Oceanfront Tiki Bar
For example: on Tuesday you call about reservations and want a discount for a room on Wednesday and Thursday. go

Do not Miss the Six-Toed Cats

I figured out a way to make this project I am working on go faster, so hopefully I won't have to work on it next weekend. The key this weekend is some new and more aggressive kitty training. No holds bard, as passing the National Geographic Channel online training class has given me the tools to make the kitty dance. I am honored to be a graduated of the NAT Geo Online Cat Training Master Degree. Kitty listens to me. Yeah, take charge Catman.

Enid I.

Shrimp Life is a good Thing

Health care is fantastic down in Key West. Even the Florida Keys boat captains get sick. You will be glad to know there are sick gifts expected. Remember that poor Florida Travel Commander is going to digestive specialist pa, where they drug me to michael jackson like neverland! This is a big procedure, which by social standard means you can make the yellow rice, green peas, red onions, and shrimp recipe! That is your best recipe and Florida Travel Commander will need it often to tackle this medical marvel. Always shower the poor-sick-folks going to digestive specialist with gifts! Thank you, digestive specialist out-for-the-count-patient Florida Travel Commander.

Dino H.