The island is known for being a bit quirky which makes gift buying super fun

Duval Village Shopping Market
This shopping center is small in size, but large in stuff. go

What can I get for 5 Bucks
One of the cool things we found on our most recent trip include the fantastic deals of the Duval Street Dollar Store. go

Pick out Something Nice
Picking out something really special is part of the fun. go

Art Show in a Box
Make sure you get one of those Key West bar card so you can sip on cocktails as you are moving from shop to shop. go

Middle Island Grocery Store
The Corner Grocery Store is a classic tradition here, so do stop in. go

Wine Making Florida Keys Style
Now you have one more for the Must buy a Drink here List on the islands! go

Apparel Store for Fido
Now we found out about the Pet Masquerade too. go

Lots of Unique Stuff
The ladies arrival outfit is Comfy Jeans, with a Beach Sleeve Shirt and Sandals. go


Rich History

European Village Bakery Cafe
You can't beat the location, right here by the popular Key West Bight Marina. go

Most Popular Stops
At the Key West Aquarium everyone gets to see some of the Florida Keys most intriguing and exotic sea creatures. go

Fun Spots to Eat
The food is excellent and they do not overlook a single thing. go

Quality Food at Reasonable Prices
Being a chicken lover, really any of this is probably a good like depending on what you're in the mood for. go

Where is the best place to stay on Key West
I like the time of the year, as the water temperatures in the Florida Keys remain around 85 degrees all the way through September and sometimes October. go

Mile Marker Zero Attractions
You see the life of the ship, all right there in front of you to see. go

Easy Stay and Play Florida Keys
We sure did love staying here, everything was just fabulous and would certainly recommend it to others. go

Key Lime Reef Beer Shopping

What are the most important things for a keys trip? Beer wins out then everything else can fight for second place. So far I am bringing three or four pounds of boneless chicken breasts, tuna cake stuff, things for salads, two red onions, one yellow onion, pine apple chunks cans, paper plates, and one jar of salsa. Publix is everywhere in the Florida Keys so no issue for grocery goods, wine, Key Lime Pie, and ice cream. Shopping is more fun in your beach sandals.

Antony Y.

Buying some nice Things

I used the $10 Kohl's gift with a twenty percent off coupon on the sixty percent off rack today. That is the ultimate coupon stacking. That got me three nice items, two pairs of shorts and one shirt for $35 total, and the receipt that they circle your savings says I save $96 off the regular price. I got $18 off of the sales price of $52. Either way, three things for $35 is a good deal in the world of Florida clothing shops! Save me your Kohl's cash and Bealls bucks! Kohl's recently opened ten stores in South Florida in the last five years and by all indications, they're here to stay. The department store offers more than just clothes, bikinis, and shoes.

Yolanda V.

The Deals

I am ok on skipping Bealls this weekend, but do not minding stopping in. Between Bealls store, Walmart and the Kohl's, they make my Florida wardrobe! They are the big three of the deals for those in South Florida. All are always at your service, offering you more ways to save time and money.

Clint K.