The islands are loaded with neat area landmarks

Nature Park Visit
The key to spotting fish are the ripples in the water, and you might even spot a cuba, permit, or sea turtle and for sure lots of lemon sharks. go

Public Volleyball Courts
We were told the best Volleyball Courts in the City of Marathon is next to the playground park at Sombrero Beach. go

Tropical Audubon Society Center
The tropical audubon society maintains the house and nature grounds. go

Great Local Parks
The beach has a children's playground, Beach Volleyball and tennis courts. go

Much to do in Marathon
You can get a really nice boat ferry ride to this famous Island Park. go

Sunset Viewing Hotel
One of the premier resorts on the island, a guest stay here is something very special to look forward to. go

Successful Key West Fishing
Legend has it that the best fishing is today's catch! go

Key West Bus Tour
Best of all is the hop-on hop-off policy so you can use it all day long. go


Have You Been Here

Easy Boating in the Florida Keys
When you are setting up your hotel reservations, do keep the cut through canals for boating in mind. go

Where Luxury and Affordability Meet
If you bring bicycles it helps you to stay at a wider variety of locations. go

Dinner with a Fantastic View
Try the seasoned Grits and Grouper and Crab Cakes Picasso, for a special Florida Keys Treat. go

What Key West Hotel do we enjoy the most
Very fine hotel stay that provides more of an experience. go

Be sure to buy a Conch Tour Train Ticket
The conch tour train station is just so cute, it made me laugh when I first saw it. go

Family Dining Spots with Pizzazz
Your food and drink choices are delectable, we go with the: Peel and Eat Key West Shrimp, Havana Nachos, and the Frozen Cuervo Gold Margarita, just savory! go

Vacation to the Hyatt
We just totally loved the pool area, they call it the Blue Mojito Pool Bar and Grill. go

Middle Keys Dog Care Services

Thanks for being so good to the dogs at the dog park. Thanks a million for helping us with the dogs. Your nieces, abby and dixie would love it if you could come over again, tomorrow, and let them out around 9:30 or 10:00am. Same routine as the other day is all the dogs will need. Middle keys dog care services are sensational.

Hobert N.

Looking for Entertainment of all Kinds

Oh it is time to head to Big Pine Key and watson boulevard. The full moon is coming. It will be here this weekend. It will be a full moon, on a summertime weekend. All the key deer critters will be out. It will be a wild weekend!

Ted V.