The key is everything is fresh

Waterfront Tunes and Views
The menu features lobster po boys, fried shrimp platters, raw oysters, and strong drinks. go

Seafood is perfect on an Island
Please head on down as I have new friends and want to support our locals! go

Durty Harrys Live Music Bar
This is a staple for many locals and the regular Key West tourists. go

Cute Restaurant on Duval Street
Try different places for every meal and never repeat. go

The Duval Pub Crawl Starts Here
Ask for the Key West Special, and take the shot of whatever they put out in front of you. go

Quick Food Cafe
This is one of the better places in town for good prices for coffee, waffles and omelets. go

Drinks at the Green Parrot
Super spot for people watching and cold brews, this is were we go in the evenings during our Key West Vacations. go

Enjoy the vibe and the seafood
Watch the schedule here as they have ongoing specials. go


Food Bar Pubs

Downtown Boat Supply Shop
The boating in Key West just does not get any better, we so much love it here. go

Key West has the Coolest Bread Shop
You can build your own sandwich starting with the Roast Beef, Turkey, or Ham. go

Catherine Street Palm Hotel
We saw this place on a bike ride and stopped in and got a tour. go

Florida Keys Mini Lobster Season
It is really fun and a lot more sporting than just looking around. go

Key Lime Pie Recipe
Key lime pie goes great with a frozen mudslide blended with absolut vodka and irish cream liqueur served smoothie style. go

Going for the Festival
Having this huge festival taking over the downtown area is too cool and really gives the city a big kick of fun! go

Super time on the Ocean Waters
What a trip indeed, the folks here really did something special by restoring this treasure. go


Super Fresh and Cheap Food

Food Bar Pubs

Save a bunch of money and go to the market for beer, salad stuff, and the rest. That sounds good and it works. I went to Publix after work and got a lot of two-for-one items and chips, tostidos, cheese, english muffins, all these things were 2-for-1, so we are set. Eating cheap on vacation in the Florida Keys is a good thing!

Gabriel I.