The reefs here are really sanctuaries and a safe habitat for you to see the species up-close

7-Mile Bridge Pigeon Key Park
You can walk the old bridge all the way out to see it first hand or take the boat ride! go

Where to go for Barbecue
Many of the locals like to congregate over here at Higgs Beach which is on Atlantic Avenue, just west of the White Street Pier. go

Eco-Discovery Center in Truman Annex
Keep a good idea on the schedule of events, as the public gets the opportunity to see the free environmental movie held here during the year. go

Exploring Things around Marathon
The only problem is they close the park way too early, but the views are outstanding. go

Living Museum Bridge
This engineering marvel of its day, was the beginning of the uplift and increase of tourism. go

Make Friends with a Turtle or Eel
By all means have your video camcorder ready to shoot! go

Magical World of Butterflies
Nice and cool inside, this is the type of thing to save and do during the hot parts of the day. go

Where to fishing in the Upper Florida Keys
Its a quiet area, far from US1. go


Outdoor Family Enjoyment

Outdoor Dining in Key West
You can also shop after your meal, since there are a zillion retails spots close by. go

Port of Key West
Whatever you need to do to get the finest views! go

Tribute at Mallory Square
This town has gone through so much and it is such a pleasure to learn about the history. go

Boat Docking in the Middle Keys
We like to stay by the week or month as there are so many things to do close by. go

Frozen Cocktails by the Water
Everything is so yummy, we like the views, and the water is fine! go

Fausto's Grocery on Fleming Street
There are two locations, Flemming and White Streets. go

Staying Seaside at Dove Creek Lodge
This is our fifth trip down to the Keys, but you do need to do a bit of homework to find all the things you want during your stay. go

Watersports and Bicycle Riding

Please, please, please do wear a bicycle helmet. They have some cute ones. For example all the nice ladies helmets at Eaton Street Bicycle Shop. Go there, and try some on.

Noel Y.

Working out for Bikini Wearing

The Overseas Bicycle Trail is not the only workout in town! I started working on the baseboards today, as cleaning is good exercise. I went on a shorter than normal ride at 3:30pm and hung a ride under a cloud for a good half hour, and when I lost it, headed back in. Being outside on a bike is the way to delve into each island. If you see any shows on painting kitchen cabinets watch closely, as that is the other next project. I want to paint them inside one tropical color, and outside another Florida Keys tropical color! See everyone at the Bocce courts tonight.

Eugenio J.