The waterway passages are very fun to explore if you bring your kayak

Island Vacations to Zip Code 33050
They give you a map and mark it for your specific needs. go

Pie Shop
I guess it's time for me to go to google and search for Key Lime Pie no eggs! go

Marathon Take-Out Food Winner
I can promise you they have the best cole slaw recipe used on the fish sandwiches. go

Menu Specials for Seafood
Get any of their wonderful tropical salad blends and put the fish of the day prepared your way on top! go

With Children go with the Glassbottom Boat Ride
Most everyone around here knows all about Humphrey Bogart and the classic movie. go

Paddle Islamorada Lagoon
What makes this special is the shaded kayak launch and the professional getting-started-instruction. go

Places to see near the 7-Mile Bridge
One of the reasons we like to vacation in Marathon is all of the public parks and beaches to enjoy. go

Kids Playground
This is one of the better places to stop, because you get clean bathrooms, and a beautiful shoreline to explore. go


Day Trip Winners

Weekly Rental
The pool is over a pretty decent size, especially since this is a small complex and there would not be many people using it. go

City Center Walgreens
I just love this building, even though this is where we go for a quick beer stop. go

Planning Tips for Reef Trips
The folks at the shop will tell you everything to make it easy on you. go

Big Flavors hit the Florida Keys
They use fire roasting techniques and seasoning to make some really flavorful treasures. go

Places in Key West for the best photography
We used the best stop bicycle guide to see the city center. go

Wet Shoe Sandal Product Line
You have to ask the gang at the shop to give you the low down, as they can tell it better than me. go

Boater Friendly in Key Largo
Keep it on ice or in the hotel refrigerator. go

Lots to see along the Shorelines

We need more volunteers for this program. If you are interested in volunteering for the Eagle Watch Program, please join. Adult eagles start prepping their enormous nests for the breeding season beginning in late-September. Eagles return to the same nest each year, although they often build more than one nest. Between October and January, the eagles lay eggs and begin the incubation process. The young eaglets tend to stick around the nests for several weeks after fledging, which provides opportunities to view the birds. The Eagle Watch Program enables the public to get involved and learn about the nesting habits of the bald eagle while assisting the City and State of Florida in collecting valuable data. The Program reduces staff time spent for monitoring and documenting eagle behavior, although City staff will continue to monitor and inspect nesting sites throughout the duration of the nesting season About 40 volunteers attended the initial meeting and received a brief training lesson on the nesting behaviors bald eagles exhibit during the nesting season. Nests may reach ten feet across and weigh a half-ton. The largest bald eagle nest was recorded in Key Largo, weighing two tons, and measuring 20 feet in height and ten feet in width. At approximately 11 weeks of age, the eaglets are ready to take flight.

Gayle U.

Happy Times with the Weather

Those big down pours are part of Florida life. We can control different parts of water. In your situation with a wonderful outdoor patio. I see the key three solutions as what is needed to make it better. One is to make sure the rock areas drain through the black sheets. Two is to add a down spout to the gutter and that is less than ten dollars, to move that water over and aim it away from the patio. I can do this easy and it will look nice. Lastly, make sure the new patio has a slight slope away from the house. I can do this too! One, two, three it will get better! Big pine kitty likes dry paws! Florida Travel Commander has a plan to keep the kitty and Florida travel detective happy at home.

Wilfredo B.