There are a lot of neat things around the islands for history lovers

Lights are required at Night to avoid a ticket
The power chairs are a great way to get around. go

Cool Things to do around the Island
You can come on vacation again and again, with each visit featuring many new acts. go

Shot the Sloppy Web Cam Area
The city is loaded with free places to explore and capture the moment. go

Fresh Baked Goods Every Morning
Authentic and tasty french bread and pastries are here for you to choose from. go

Boat Taxi to Sunset Key
Jumping on board here is similar to taking a mini-cruise. go

Location Suggestions for Key West Sunsets
It is a special time of day for all that visit here to the Florida Keys. go

Biking Tips in Key West
I sure hope this helps everyone to have a better bicycle riding experience and you will go home with your bike! go

Gelato Homemade All Richly Creamy
Plan on a couple of strategically timed cool off pit stops at one of the local dessert restaurants. go


General News

Retail Shopping
Duval is filled with neat places like the Energy Wearables Shop. go

It was a pleasure to do and just take your choice of Dive Trips. go

Seasoned grilled shrimp seafood wrap is Primetime
Pepe's tops the breakfast spots in Key West, but Blue Heaven and Cuban Coffee Queen are right there too! go

Soft Taco Super Menu Winner
The only question is do we come back tomorrow or the next day! go

We love to Shop
Picking out something really special is part of the fun. go

Pools are Mandatory in Key West
Having a water play area like this at the resort is what you do want to try to get when you are securing hotel reservations. go

Things to Hang on the Wall
I am friends with the owner and you can get something extra special. go

Florida Keys Internet Capacity Improvement

Changes are happening regarding the Florida Keys web service system. Earlier this week I emailed all the windows server clients, dedicated server clients and clients on the islands about an upcoming Monroe County data center migration. The lower keys data center provider has built a new facility and has been moving all servers there. We are one of the last clients to move and this was scheduled for Sunday night after the Captain Tony's migration party. This move is being postponed but it will happen in the very near future. I don't have a firm date yet but will be emailing when I know more. More bandwidth is come for all of Monroe County.

Francisco H.

Better than Ever Bicycle Pathways

Earlier this month, we introduced the new Monroe County values and vision, and strategic overseas pathways to lead us there. The mayor and deputy mayor held an unprecedented meeting of all city employees to unveil this new vision for the city. In case you missed it, we wanted to share the video introducing this vision, and a new day for the best county in the sunshine city. Now more people can use bicycles to get around.

Vicky D.

Helpful Ideas

Ok Florida Travel Commander, that sounds fantastic about the Miss Islamorada boat trip. It depends on the weather. Hopefully, it won't be rainy. A big target should be Hangover Helper Breakfast Cafe, it is prime time. I think you should come up on Friday, rather than on Thursday, especially if you stay until Monday morning. I am making slow cooker chilli and I have enough leftovers to make another batch for next weekend so I think you can hold off on the tuna cakes, unless you want to bring a few to go with the chilli. I need to have Thursday night available to make fixings for the weekend so that's why I think you should come up on Friday. I want to make the snapper's bar style dinner on Thursday night.

Earle N.