There are all kinds of neat things around the islands

History of the Overseas Highway
I love the really old photographs of the project being built from its beginning in Homestead in 1905. go

Ideas for Sightseeing
Greene Street is one of the most popular parts of the city, as it is one block from the Historic Seaport Entertainment District. go

Community of Vacation Rentals
Get a rental here and you will be very happy, just bring your bicycles. go

Fantastic Bicycle Adventure Tours
It takes about five minutes to pick up a bike, then you are on your way! go

Sightseeing and Docking at the Port
That reminds me of how popular the hat shop in the middle of the Mallory Square Shopping Center (one block north), as you will see tourists trying hats on by the mirror all day long. go

Best Local Rental Shop
This is the best location for the fun time watersports rentals. go

Jump on and off at the Trolley Stops
Easily one of the coolest stops to jump off the trolley and get a little video-photo at the Southernmost Point. go

Volleyball Courts at Marathon Public Beach
They have primetime volleyball courts for free and open us out at the Beach. go


Misc Services

You can stay at 1117 Duval Street
When you wake up in the morning there is action on the street already. go

One of the Best Weeks of our lives
Old homes that have been fully restored and modernized are a treat to enjoy. go

Great Places to Chow
The huge red sign out from of lu's is pretty hard to miss. go

Lower Florida Keys Barbecue Restaurants
The have all sorts of neat cocktails and frozen drinks, plus Key Lime Pie! go

Kayak Ramp at Robbie's Marina
This is one prime kayak launching location that you must-do here in the Florida Keys. go

You can Buy Beer and Wine too
Uniquely interesting and only in Key West, the architecture of these old buildings is unbelievable. go

Call ahead for Tour Times and Reservations
They have excellent boat tours you can book at Robbie's Marina. go

Juggle the Fun and Adventure

Bringing a cat down to the Florida Keys in an recreational vehicle is fun to do. You have to watch them so not to get lost. The poor Catman Kitty might not be getting the proper amount of kitty-chase-game. As the owner, I have put you in charge of putting the energy in his step. He is a warrior that was born to hunt and fight. You have to take my place and keep him running when inside. Go get him and chase him in the rv! Live is fun traveling down with a pet to the most pet friendly island. Do not miss the six toed cats!

Jeanine I.

Put a new Plant in the Ground

Give my vote for more tree cheap buying weekends. Everyone needs cheap plants that live here in the Florida Keys. I have to be honest, my legal obligation is to make sure all plant purchases are perfect for the Catman Kitty. He does not get to go so he gave me his vote. He and I are two and you have one vote! Kitty and I win votes and contests. Kitty and I decide all the picks. Thanks to all that volunteer to help us take care of Pets.

Rupert A.