There are so many unique things to do around town

Stop 13 Hurricane Houses
Bicycles are the only way to go, and you will pass marked monuments along the pathways. go

Daytime Ideas for the Florida Keys
We wanted to do the reefs, fish, and spend the rest of the time touring the island's history spots and this is excellent. go

Great deal of History
Wait until you hear about the fantastic history that this property has been through. go

Top-10 Cool to See on the Island
What a special treat and tour, with a powerful past. go

Classic style Key West Bar and Cafe
It has been here forever, about the oldest place to eat on the island. go

Remaindering the Island Legions
We thought it might be a little odd and it was, which is part of what makes it entertaining. go

Do not Skip the Hemingway Loft
You really get to see how Hemingway and his family lived back in their day. go

Best Chicken Wings
While you are enjoying a bar cocktail, walk over and browse to the merchantile shop which is in the corner sectioned off. go


Did You Know

Pitstops for Shopping
We came down for the January events in Key Largo because it is very cold in North Florida, but the weather down here is fantastic. go

Gifts from the Sea
Shopping in the Florida Keys is more spaced out than back on the mainland of Florida, so do keep that in mind. go

Open 10-6 daily for Island Art
You can browse very colorful art prepared in watercolor and oil. go

Marina Resort and Vacation Suites
Our four day upper keys boating vacation could not have been better. go

My Top Key West Restaurant List
Our days on the island are only made better by starting off with the Banana Walnut Waffle Breakfast. go

Single Tandem or Triple Parasailing Rides
If you ever get a chance to see the islands from up high, it is a big thrill. go

Coconut Cabana off Duval
For us it was a watersports vacation that brought us down here to stay for a week. go

Sightseeing for a bit of History

Impressive are the old things that mean so much to the area. Looking for a bit of classic Key West history, then do stop at the Little White House and see this nostalgic home. It all starts with just checking out the area, inside the Truman Annex. A lot of the best things you can get to on bicycles.

Carey S.

So Historic

This is the only Florida island that features a Singing Dog! Street Performers will grow on you over time. The zany ones are really interesting when you see them do their thing. Make sure you take the bicycles through the Graveyard Cemetery. This place is so spooky, but oh so historic. Be sure to check out the sign out front, there a lot of rules on what you can do in here. Very historic is the Tropic Cinema. It is one of the cooler places to see a movie is the Tropic Cinema. Movie star enthusiasts can escape the heat and checkout some main stream and independent films. I love watching Conch TV before our trips online. This my new favorite TV Show about the Florida Keys! Get the inside scoop on all sorts of zany events and happenings about all things keys.

Josefina I.