There are a bunch of nice marinas to walk the docks, plus shorelines to explore

Pleasure Filled Trolley Rides
Pick a time when the weather is nice and you think you be comfortable in the open air trolley car. go

Quality Seafood at Mile Marker 49
We came on our first visit to get some seafood to go at the indoor market. go

Picking up the Barbecue Grocery Goods
We use the bikes to get our meat and deli goods, you just need a nice sized basket. go

Scooters are the way to travel in Key West
If this is your first time to Key West or are planning a visit, your normal car is no fun here. go

Using the Fabulous Bar Card
Everybody likes to save money on drinks. go

End of the Day Party Spots
Stuff like this gets us so pumped up for a Keys Trip! go

Secret Spots not to miss on Key West Vacation
I vote it in as the coolest bar in key west! go

Taking Dogs to the Florida Keys
It is a lovely area only sporadically used mainly by people stopping to take a break from the drive. go


City Itineraries

Best Restaurants for Happy Hours
A few places really stood out to us. go

Train Ride Tour Attraction Stops
Here is one of the tour stops for the train (three total stops A-B-C). go

Get the 151 Rum Special
This hip spot is close to it all, nicely located in the heart of the action. go

Waterfront Bayside Kayak Hotel
We took our boat down with us (18 mako center console) and that was all you need here, since we did not want to go 30 miles out in the ocean. go

Monroe County Courthouse on Whitehead Street
The Historic Key West Courthouse has all of the same look at original. go

Angelina Guesthouse at Angela Street
Rent bicycles to maximize transportation and sightseeing exploration. go

Entertainment on the water in Key West
We rent them out in Key West. go

Local Weekend Events

Just want to say thanks to Howard Livingston, with the Mile Marker 24 Band, and to the Key West Rotary Club for putting on such a fabulously good time. The March event kicks off the Conch Heritage Celebration and is hugely growing in popularity. Conchfest is free to enter and all profits derived from beer and food sales go towards scholarship programs for locals that need help after graduating from Key West High School. The live music is the highlight, but you get to see or join into the various family-friendly contests and games. The conch chowder cook-off is my personal favorite, as is the coed softball tournament. There are tons of demonstrations and children's activities, plus you can pucker up and blow the conch. Thanks to all that put in time to pull off such a fabulous Bayview Park Event, especially the kids from Key West High School.

Brigitte Y.

Ready for some Skinny Dipping

Looking for Suggestions with my Swimming Pool. QUESTION: I live in Key Colony Beach and my condo swimming pool pump pressure gauge is running very low. What do you think the problem may be. I have just back washed the pool. Regards Marie. ANSWER: How old is your filter. Is the pool open and uncovered. You may need a new filter because low pressure seems to be a filter problem. If the filter was a bit heavy when you cleaned it OR if it is more than a year old and your pool is open to leaves and such, you will need to replace it. Is the water movement good. If it is, it could be a bad gauge. Call them at Blythe Pools (305-849-7705) if you need someone to come out, local and very professional. Services Marathon, Coco Plum, Big Pine Key, Duck Key, Long Key, and Key Colony Beach. Let me know if this helps.

Amos D.

Heading to the Coolest Location

Wow, a key colony beach vacation. That's fantastic. We had the Christmas luncheon yesterday and everyone talked about what they are doing for Christmas. My coworkers are so jealous. Lunch tomorrow at Fish Tales next to Vaca Cut.

Sean V.