There is no need to rush dinner in land of cocktails

Famous Kite Surfer Whale Bar
You will see the complex just past the Holiday Isle Bridge as you are heading southwest towards Key West. go

Food is Super Yummy
Pick between all sorts of daily specials like caramel bars, chocolate eclairs, and fruit tarts. go

Serving Seafood Platters since 1967
You always have to check out what's going here next week before you arrive so you don't miss any of the events. go

Cocktail Bar Winner
The tasty stuff mahi can be gotten in a few different dish styles. go

Sweet Inspirations at Scoops Creamery
New creations made daily that make taste buds smile! go

Eating Outside
With a beautiful outdoor setting overlooking the Duval Street walkers, pick a seat to sip on the key lime colada. go

Loved the Make Your Own Omelet Breakfast
Many US Presidents, movie stars, and foreign dignitaries have eaten here. go

What about the food menu
Everyone knows about the more famous bars down on Duval Street (Sloppy Joes, Captain Tony's, and Margaritaville Cafe), but there are some other places you just have to see. go


Find New Tastes

Fausto's Grocery on Fleming Street
There are two locations, Flemming and White Streets. go

Daytime Activities nice for Couples
Some companies use it as part of their trademark, for instance Bone Island Shuttle. go

Fishing is going to be Great Today
Do know the one-fish bag limit and most people do not keep any of the fish caught. go

Boat Rides to Key West
It was right on the money for us, as we like to get up early and wanted to try something different. go

Wet Life is why we go to the Florida Keys
Rent a home, hotel, or condo and you can hang out here. go

Very Beautiful Indeed
Over the years we have learned that the number one amenity is a hotel on the water with a easy-to-use kayak ramp. go

Very good Marathon FL Hotel for Boaters
Marathon is just fantastic for doing all the watersports, reef dives, and seafood dining. go


Eating out at good Places

Find New Tastes

I have to admit I have agreed to the fact Sloppy Joes bar has the best barbecue chicken in town. The big debate has been going on for a while in the city. I have tried all the good chicken places in Key West. I'm not talking about cuban chicken, I mean barbecue chicken. Ok, so I missed the big chicken festival weekend last weekend so I get stuck with the chickpea weekend. Big smiles to all at the festival, hee. Actually Florida Travel Commander, I think I'm going to stay here this weekend because the following weekend is the big four-day, holiday weekend. It is upper keys labor day weekend coming up and I have four days off. I will be coming down on Friday morning, August 29, and leave on Monday, sept 1. That is why I think I will stay here this weekend and do some more work around the house. I will be down for four days so if you want to get some work done on your projects, I am available to help out. Eating out at good places is hot on my mind.

Kristin N.