There is no shortage of resorts to pick from

Booking for a Keys Vacation
The pool is sweet and it is the ideal way to clean up after you hit the seawater. go

Great Hotel Amenities
Next to the hotel are the big fishing docks. go

Key West Beach Hotel
If you appreciate a hotel with a cocktail bar, plus the beach sand, you'll love the Southernmost on the Beach. go

Hotels down in the Florida Islands
This place is fantastic, so clean and well maintained. go

Weekly Rental
Having a clean value hotel option would be nice. go

Really good Recommendation
The locked gates at night give all a lot of piece of mind. go

Everyone was so friendly at the Hotel
The property is relaxing and very well remodeled. go

One-Bedroom with a Private Jacuzzi
I really like the quiet, you stay on a back road that only a few bikes passing by. go


Hotel Promotions

Tarpon are the Top Prize
Tarpon give up their position by rolling on the surface, or just some of their tail breaks the surface. go

Bread Shop
That was all we need to know! go

South Street Sandwich Cafe
This was just our very first trip all the way down to mile marker zero in Key West. go

Old Town Patio Cafe
You can't beat the location, right here by the popular Key West Bight Marina. go

Winning Combinations for Tropical Island Style Dining
I would try some of the Cuban restaurants, since it's only ninety miles to Cuba. go

Best Ever Frozen Fruit Punch Cocktail
I will recommend the kahlua mudslide, rum runner classic, cat 5 hurricane, and the kiwi colada. go

Creating your Key West Wishlist
A one-stop company that can provide you with all the water play adventures. go

Bring the Shoreline Water Toys

Perhaps we might want The Little Red folding chairs to put them in four inches of water for sunset. You just never know if the condo will already have things for the beach shore.

Micah R.

Your Hotel Rooms

The big question on these Key West trips is how much do you want to spend on your hotel rooms each night. We've noticed that most of the places are between one hundred dollars and $300, but every now and then you can get a cheaper rate and of course there are places that are more expensive. As far as I'm concerned anything over three hundred dollars a night is completely unacceptable, unless you are super rich and money just grows on trees. Once you move down the spectrum then there are a lot of places that fit the bill quite nicely for your room vacation. In my opinion it is very important to take a good look at the hotel Photographs and the hotel videos that are available on The more you know about the property, the more you will be into making the decision and getting past that point. The place we ended up with is the Marquesa. It is beautiful, the entire complex and garden area is wonderful for a vacation stay. Close to all things Key West, ninety-nine percent of you will call this your best spot ever on the island.

Mack W.