There is nothing better than fresh fish for dinner

Fishing at the Channel 4 Bridge Park
You can see the larger fish and sting rays swim underneath the bridge since the water is vividly clear. go

Fishing Pole Store
Easy to find near the Whistle Stop Bar. go

Florida Keys Scuba Starting Spot
Just beautiful is this area and its focus on reef snorkeling and fishing charters. go

Is it legal to Fish from the Shore
For most people you have to buy the one day or the three day license, on sale at the tackle shops, Kmart, and Walmart. go

Your day to be a Saltwater Sportsman
See you on the water! go

Professional Service and the Best Prices
Find this great Bait and Tackle Shop at mile marker 103.1 in the Upper Keys. go

Getting rid of the Lionfish
The community and marine officials want them removed and are trying hard to make that happen. go

Fiesta Key Bait Shop at Mile Marker 70
You can buy everything you need at the Bait Shop at Mile Marker 70. go


Bait Casters

Cayo Hueso Cafe
The trees are huge and there is a very nice sitting area overlooking the popular snorkeling zone. go

You pay an entrance fee at the guard gate
This place is huge and has all you could want out of a waterfront playground. go

Old Town Quick Stop
The Corner Grocery Store is a classic tradition here, so do stop in. go

Getting to Key West
Getting a ticket to this boat is a super idea for a quick getaway. go

Boat Docking in Marathon Florida Keys
It is easy to navigate the island, with nice sidewalks on both sides. go

Party Time Fun Bars
All the best bands play here, like the beloved MM24 Band. go

Free Alcohol Hotels for Pleasures
Our room was just too pretty, loaded with neat art and care. go


Saltwater Fishing

Bait Casters

Once again this year's fishing contest has proven to bring up a lot of questions by many of the contestants and some of the failures. Everything starts with having a nice fishing vest full of great and easily assessable scissors, pliers, the headphone volume, and some extra Circle Hooks ready to go! I am joking as it is very difficult to always have everything you need for quick access when something good or bad happens. Plan on losing a lot of hooks, unless you are a knot tying guru. It can be very frustrating for people to lose a hook and then not be very good at getting it back on properly. We're lucky to have so many great Florida Keys Boat Ramps to take advantage of. Once you get pretty good at bottom fishing, it is time to try some saltwater fly fishing, which is a different style of adventure. No matter what you do, it's always great when you pull that first one right out of the water!

Vince C.