This is a place for big fun and yummy foods too

Florida Keys Beach Snorkel Park
This world class park is a must-see item (mm37), easily one of the top-five parks in all of Florida. go

Top 10 Key West Sightseeing Locations List
The gang in charge keeps everyone on their toes and happy as can be. go

One of the places we recommend
The crew is excellent and really tosses in a bunch of zany things along the way. go

Roof Top Dining Spot
Things like this are just so fun in Key West. go

Our Picks for Appetizers
Our friends and us sample off each other, so you do end up trying a lot in just a few visits. go

Very Entertaining
Easily one of the better things to do for comedy, mystery, and an all-in-all good time. go

Home of the Florida Keys Happytizers
This is a restaurant, bar, and live music combo spot. go

Proven Winners for Cat Training
Some of the special artists that have shined for years in Key West will always bring a smile to your face. go


Family Adventure Lists

Layton State Beach Park
We love Key West and all of the action, but here is true waterfront play! go

More Places that we love in Old Town
It is so close to Hemingway's home, he can just shout out his order before heading in! go

Which Reef Trips for Beginner Scuba
The restoration of the African Queen Boat was handled here at the Harbor Marina. go

Congrats to Our Key West Guests
Surprise-Surprise! go

Try a Little bit of Everything
Give this restaurant high marks for overall appeal. go

Thanks for Going Places Trip Tips
They do look out for your best interest in watersports activities, hotel recommendations, directions, local maps, etc. go

Guided Kayak Sports Recreation
You can get so much closer to the nature and just wave at the boats much further offshore! go

Marathon Area Things to Do

Here are some of the marathon area things to do that we enjoyed. Watch a play at the Marathon community theater. Listen to live music in the evenings at The Hurricane Bar. Ride the bicycle trails of the Overseas Highway. For happy hours, head to Sparky's Landing on Key Colony Beach. Walk the historic Old Seven Mile Bridge to historic Pigeon Key. See the top area Shoreline at Sombrero Beach. Stop and see the topless beach at Coco Plum Beach. The reefs are just off shore and waiting for you. Take the kids to visit the Turtle Hospital and witness rescued sea turtles being nursed back to health. Stop at the Airport and take the bi-plane ride over the islands. Spend a memorable day catching sailfish at The Reef starting at the Seven Mile Bridge marina. The Sunset Grille has a swimming pool to dip during their terrific happy hours. Take a clear bottom kayak to view tropical fish and Underwater marine creatures. Watch the sunset with a cocktail in hand at Key Colony Beach Park. Learn about local wildlife as you walk though Crane Point nature center. We loved going for a snorkel at Sombrero Reef Lighthouse.

Blake T.

Super Places to Enjoy

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Benjamin S.