This is an excellent hotel that puts you in the action center with a waterfront view

Vacations to Marathon
We were so happy with the private beach, open balcony rooms and suites with sweeping views of the beautiful Atlantic Ocean. go

Treasure the Tranquility of Cottage Vacations
Great pricing makes this a winning pick for a hotel getaway. go

Memories to Last Us Forever
Wow, is this a fun place to enjoy the island life. go

You can Bring the Boat here
Could not have had a more robust vacation stay. go

Good Scuba and Snorkel Area
This one is fantastic and well worth any upgrades from the local chain hotels. go

Stay on Duck Key
The next time you're doing your hotel planning for the Keys, check out the Hawks Cay Marina and Hotel. go

Great Vacation for Couples or Party Types
We learned that the Mel Fisher Attraction Tickets are good all day, so you can re-enter the museum if you keep you sticker. go

Fine Stay in the Keys
As you drive into the hotel grounds, it is very apparent that the gardens are awesome. go


Honeymoon Suites

Street Performers 24/7 Days a Week
Street performers will grow on you over time. go

What is a nice Middle Florida Keys Beach
Just above Marathon Florida is a fantastic little beach park. go

Enjoy the Ocean in such a Unique Way
This place is a great little zone to play on the water. go

Yummy Key West Breakfast
Fine stop here in Old Town with a strong focus on serving French Cuisine. go

Dining With Children in Islamorada
They use the simple approach to the best taste, skipping the prepackaged ingredients. go

Outdoors near the Southernmost Point
This is the east entrance to this City of Key West nature park. go

Fish love to eat anything alive
The bait shop is part of the huge Caloosa Cove Marina Complex. go

Fun is a bit of Adventure

I really did not want to, but after talking it over to my neighbor Tom, he convinced me it was worth the trouble to put the shutters up. The challenge seemed well worthy. Certainly it is not fun. However, only the first time is a bit awkward, and that it what I went through today. Once you put one or two of them up, they go up very quick after that. It does give you confidence once back inside the nearly dark house. To avoid total darkness, I left a few off the front main room and am leaving the main rear area open, so I can look out and enjoy the show. If it was a cat-3, then they would go up, and I would head out of town.

Wilmer T.

Enjoy the Beautiful Resort Grounds

That was some good guesthouse property fixing this weekend. It is nice to get things done and have fun at the same time. On the fix list: water can funnel, key lock copies, patio leak attempt two, garage ceiling foundation fix, and moving the bush to the front! The garage ceiling foundation fix was a good one, that is rock solid and we can touch up the seam next trip. I can show you how to make the patio squares look perfect on the next weekend getaway. A lovely resort property is a good thing!

Carly Y.