This is the Place to Hunt for Nautical Wearables for Ladies

Ladies Boutique for Casual Sophistication
It is located at the infamous Red Doors building, and you cannot miss the entrance. go

Conch Traders Tropical Shop
Buying for most people on my gift list is made so easy. go

Home Fixing Store
A general store for all things the home owner needs. go

Tiki Carvings Shop
Within a two mile stretch here on Upper Matecumbe is a big group of art stores formed to start the Art District. go

Lost Weekend Liquor Store
They play live music every afternoon and deep into the night at the bar, which is attached to the liquor store. go

Locally Created Tropical Art
This is my kind of town for shopping and everything else around. go

Gift Center of the Upper Keys
Everyone loves the shopping down here. go

Do it Yourself
Bring in a color sample or paint chip and the machine can match it. go


Gift Shopping Souvenirs

Room Rentals
You get your coffee and breakfast treats buffet style the outside patio. go

Pan Con Lechon Sandwiches
They make the perfect Cuban Mix, a Cuban sandwich with lettuce and tomato and mango sauce. go

Specializing in Reef Trips
It is a good feeling to be out with a pro outfit. go

Catherine Street Palm Hotel
We saw this place on a bike ride and stopped in and got a tour. go

Climb to the Island's Tallest Spot
This was big business in Key West back in the day. go

Bayside La Siesta Marina
All I can say is day for the super times on our vacation trips. go

All Good for a Family Trip
It was our first trip to stay in the Upper Florida Keys and we had a fine time at Rock Reef. go


Shopping for Something Special

Gift Shopping Souvenirs

Shopping for something special for your feet is one of the big treats for all the ladies heading down to the Florida Keys. This is a great area to get some wet wearables, the kind of things that you can actually go into a swimming pool. Beach shoes are nice to walk along the Shoreline to protect your feet from the rocks and the fiddler crabs. Not everybody is into wearing flip-flops, but it sure looks good with a sexy bikini. We highly recommend the Sandal Factory which has a little bit of everything for your footwear fashion, at very good prices. Don't feel bad if your feet are bigger than they were, as women have become a little bit larger over the years, and so has their feet. Pretty much every place that sells good shoes on the islands has a nice inventory and will accommodate larger sized feet. There are some places to Buy all Kinds of designer heels and even some stiletto pumps, if you're so inclined. This is an island where you should be wearing your beach shoes, so go along with the climate. Even if you love a high heel, this is a place to do lots of walking when you're shopping, so steer clear of the high heels.

Warner G.