This is very boater and fisherman-friendly place

Super fishing park at the Channel Four Bridge
The people behind the bridge improvements really had the regular visitor in mind, they are super for sightseeing or fishing. go

Jewfish Hole Bait and Tackle
Fiesta Key is the island on your water way map, and you can dock right up by boat. go

Great Marathon Florida Fishing Ideas
It is only here in the Florida Keys where the Yellow Tail Snappers get so large and it makes the best of food fare. go

Get Hooked up to Fish
You do not have to go on an expensive boat trip to catch fish. go

Big Island Florida Keys Marina
As you head down to the Florida Keys, your family can pick many places to drop in the boat and hit the water. go

Free Shoreline Fishing
For most people you have to buy the one day or the three day license, on sale at the tackle shops, Kmart, and Walmart. go

Time to get Hooked Up
So on our latest vacation we decided to try a backcountry fishing outing with a local pro. go

Nice time along the Shore
In the middle of the island, Sombrero Park has some great bait catching spots on the extreme far ends of each side of the park boundary. go


The Fishing Reports

Steak Dinners in Key Largo
It is walking distance from the Marina Del Mar, the Marriott, and the Bayside Inn. go

Think Weather for Key West Snorkel
The boat ride out is a good chance to meet other people, so do shake a hand and say hello. go

Excellent Stay and Close to Everything
You can easily walk to Captain Tony's, Sloppy Joes, and Fast Buck Freddie's in just minutes. go

Art Classes
This area is loaded with the caulk style casual ambience that just makes creative thinking easier. go

A nice mix of Fancy-Casual
Great eats and a dynamic view is a winning combination for a night out on the town. go

Quick and Easy Old Town Market
What a pleasure is having this little grocery store just around the corner from our hotel. go

Single Lane at The Palms Condo
The area is just amazing for watersports, fishing, and paddling the waters on a kayak. go


Ready for Yellowtail Snapper Fishing

The Fishing Reports

The fishing is heating up and you need to be ready for the big yellowtail taking. Be sure to tell me each day when I should keep my phone on near by. Just remind me when if you know. I will start turning it on earlier to be ready to start up the boat. I am not sure the captain-kitty-man will approve so many pounds of yummy fish.

Priscilla U.