This is where we go for Florida Keys Gift Shopping

Island Center Bicycle Shop
That's all they do is help you with rental bikes for touring. go

Retail Seafood Recipe Supercenter
Just got back from Key Largo on vacation and this is the spot for buying retail seafood. go

Attractions at Mile Marker 82
Home to the best of boating locations in all of Florida, the water here is truly amazing. go

Directions to Shell World
Shell World got a really nice plug by the tv show. go

Heading out of the Keys Seafood Market
Be sure to bring some one gallon zip lock bags to keep your fish fresh and safe your ice filled cooler. go

Tiki Carvings Shop
Within a two mile stretch here on Upper Matecumbe is a big group of art stores formed to start the Art District. go

Little Island Sandwich Shop
Everything is delicious, as the Doo continues on through lunch and the deli market has traditionally closed around 6pm. go

Locals buy their beer here
We always gets some booze to take back and drink by the swimming pool. go


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Hideaway Hotels for Value Priced Vacations
Hogs Breath has improved its happy hour drink prices. go

Marina Upper Keys Resort
The beach bar serves you food and cocktails to your chair, even if it is in the water! go

This hotel is loaded with Extra Amenities
The abundance of attractions on the island highlights the fantastic water sports, marine life, and historic achievements. go

Fresh Caught Seafood Market
We like to stop in and get some fresh caught seafood from the market for cooking on the bbq grill. go

Tasty Florida Keys Blue Crab Cakes
You will get a nice and crispy outer surface that is perfect to dip in your sauce of choice. go

Hotels for Paddlers
Good sun is another key element, as those cloudy days makes the underwater magic disappear and then it looks a dark lagoon. go

Best Spots to stay in Key West
Some places just seem to offer a little bit more than the rest and that is the way this resort was for us. go


Shopping Trip Winners

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The shopping trip we took down in the Florida Keys was just fantastic. The shopping stores in Monroe County are all about color, whether it's apparel or footwear. This is a good place to get activewear and lot of good beach shoes and wet wearables. Probably less good is coming down here for any of the athletic shoe assortment, Miami seems to have a lot better variety. You get to search around and pick from very popular fashions for junior girls and full figured ladies. You will love all the great tank tops, which are really nice for wearing over your bikini. I like lightweight sweatshirts which are good to go out on the fishing boats or just on the bicycle to keep the sun from baking you like fried chicken wing. I personally really like a basic knit t-shirt with three-quarter length sleeves. Forget about denim down here, it's way too hot for that, ladies look a lot better in bikinis anyway!

Selma H.