This is your chance to fall in love with the poolside cocktail drink menu

Mile Marker Zero Vacations without a Car
This was a really nice place, we wanted to stay at a bed and breakfast when we came down to Key West to try to the best of life on the island. go

Playful trips are so easy at the Pier House
It really is the king of the hotels because of the location and you get the daily sunsets on this side of the island. go

Last Minute Hotel Deals Key Largo
I really enjoyed the clarity of the water, making it such a dream vacation. go

RV Trips down the Overseas Highway
Staying on an island with water in every direction means a party by the campfire night of the week. go

Key West Boater Hotel
Use bicycles or electric vehicles to travel here local, these are cheaper than ever to rent. go

Kona Kai Bayside Cottages
We just loved taking the kayaks out onto picturesque Florida Bay. go

Best of all was the Oceanfront Patio Balcony
People told us you get a lot more amenities and value if you can stay for a week in the Florida Keys, and it is a winning way to go. go

World Class Dive Resort
Just extraordinary is the fun and play in the Upper Florida Keys. go


Quite Nice Rooms

One Block behind DJ's Diner
One block behind DJ's Diner (99411 Overseas Highway), near the road split. go

Habanos Cuban Food Restaurant in Islamorada
We found a few new surprises for yummy food in Islamorada, and this is the winner for Cuban Style Food. go

Flea Market
Thanks for the info on where to get the best vegetables Florida Travel Commander. go

Get some Tropical Gift T-Shirts
The Tropical Island Outlet was a standout for lots of neat things priced right. go

Please tell us where to go for Stromboli in Key West
Oh yes, the dough is pure classic italian bread dough and then they fill them up with various cheeses, jalapenos, italian meats, and fresh vegetables. go

Where to get boat gas in Marathon Key
I like to fuel docks near the Seven Mile Bridge in the protected Boot Key Harbor. go

The most family friendly Florida Keys Resort
It is specially designed and has a specifically designed water circulation system, perfect to let your child learn to snorkel before going beachside. go

Key West Colon Cowheard Show

Friendly Florida Keys jill got rain from 2pm to 6pm, so my afternoon Overseas Highway bike ride got hosed! I did do a one hour and forty-five minute full city tour in the morning. Going around Key West is darn easy to do. While I was riding today I got to hear something cool colon cowheard even brought Wawa in to the conversation. Wawa was an example of a local business that rocks. He mention Wawa as a philly and New Jersey focused place, yet he mentioned growing to us down here. Wawa made the heard show! The rain messed me up, so I will chase kitty-pooh-juniors this weekend to make up for it!

Lara U.

Perfect for the Family

It took us about two weeks to figure out that we were going to stay at the bayside in Key Largo, very close to Mile Marker Ninety-Nine. This is a great area, the kind of place is perfect for the family or a romantic getaway. Everything is nice because you can walk to so many places for attractions and eating out. The swimming pool is a little bit small for such a large property, but everything else is pretty nice. We came during the summer swimming season, and the swimming pool was a bit too hot. I assume they have cooling systems for swimming pools that you can buy. It would seem like you need a heated swimming pool in the wintertime, and you need to cool the temperature of the swimming pool down to about eighty-four degrees in the summer time. You will not believe all the marinelife right at the waters off the hotel. We just ate this kind of nature right up.

Tamra J.