This part of the Florida Keys is an intricate puzzle of land and trails

Make sure to visit Kermit's Pie Shop
But the king of the pies is all over town delivering the savored goods! go

Beach Condo Rentals
We could not have had more fun. go

Driving to the Cocktails with a View
It is a blast to drive down to Key West, just stop at some of the zillions of attractions along the way. go

My kind of Vacation Place
Yes, the long days mean more adventure around the water. go

Begin US Highway One Sign
We love the cool stuff like the Begin US Highway One sign over on Whitehead. go

Where to watch the sunset in Key West
It is a special time of day for all that visit here to the Florida Keys. go

Islamorada Grocery Store
This is a classic spot you have to stop. go

Kayak Launch Location at Mile Marker 56
This is north Marathon, a very beautiful area for marine life viewing and the real Florida Keys nature, without boats buzzing by. go


Places we Love to Go

Natural Island Style Experience
An event like this makes for the perfect date night out for couples. go

Hot Pasta Dishes and Pizza
They have slices ready to go, so waiting is not part of the plan. go

Overseas Highway Dress Shop
They do bridal gowns too. go

Restaurants on US1
The menu is huge and they make a really good smoked turkey sub sandwich. go

Key Tree Cactus Preserve
Near the center of town is the Key Tree Cactus Preserve, open daily for visitors from 8am to Sunset. go

Quick Service Patio Style
It is a classic place, which has been remodeled over the years and is now classically perfect. go

Coco Plum Dog Beach
This is living and doing some fitness in style. go

Very nice is Bicycle Riding

Do for sure bring or buy a bicycle helmet for this island. I was just funning with you Florida Travel Commander. I know you must protect yourself from the sun and being the experienced biker you are, I am sure a helmet is the least of your worries. I would be more leary of crazy people driving cars or crazy dogs running out to bite you. I love some of the Eaton Street Bike Shop helmets. I really like the helmet with a strip of stand up fringe down the middle.

Molly T.

Dealing with the Bugs

Living in the Florida Keys means having a weed and bug sprayer. I would be glad to help get the weed sprayer unclogged and you can publish this on community pages. The first thing I would do is take it to a hose or sink, then spray out clean with water all parts. Spray water into the tubes, nozzle, and the inside the unit. Get an old towel out and let them dry out over night. The next day, put pure clean inside water into it and pump it up. It will work perfectly!

Donald P.